Video Bloopers!

I love to watch bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage from movies and television shows. Did you know you can see this type of footage on the VBS 2012 Worship Rally DVD Set? Back in the day when we actually shot the video on tape, we would end up with lots of bad takes and extra footage we couldn’t use in the actual drama. Much of it would end up in our bloopers. In today’s digital age, most of those extras simply get wiped off the video card.

Tim Cox

So, coming up with bloopers has become more challenging for our video editor, Tim Cox.

The bloopers always show up in our “Credits” section of the DVD. Here are some fun things to know as you watch the bloopers for this year’s video:

• The guys had to spin that propeller probably 70 times or more before the plane started.

• Michael Kennedy who played the part of our “ground crew chief” is the owner of the fabulous plane we used.

• You’ll see Bill Cox, our video director, hiking up Waimea Canyon. That was a hard . . . let me emphasize . . . HARD hike! We had passed the “End of Trail” sign before we began that descent into the canyon! There’s always a moment every year when I ask myself, “What am I doing here?” Hiking up this canyon was that moment for me in this particular shoot.

Those are just some fun tidbits to know as you watch the credits this year. Enjoy!

Report from Silver Dollar City

We’ve completed our week of shooting at Silver Dollar City. Thunderstorms had been predicted for the entire week. Thankfully, we were blessed with beautiful weather every day! It was even cool in the mornings, which was a big help to us.

When we’re going to be traveling with actors and parents, there’s always the curiosity (okay, I’ll be honest—there’s CONCERN!) as to how things will go. The airfare from Nashville to Branson was much too expensive, so we had a nine-hour drive with strangers! Thankfully, we had a great time with Alec Taylor and his mom, Tracie, and with Vance McCarty. Not only were they great actors, they were great traveling buddies as well! Norman Harris from Memphis, met us in Branson. We worked with Norman on Big Apple Adventure, and I was really looking forward to working with him again.

Here are a few photos from the shoot. I won’t divulge what’s happening in the shots. You’ll have to watch the VBS 2013 Worship Rally DVD to find out!

Two of the three main characters: Norman (in the chicken suit) and Alec

That’s Vance, who played the role of “video director,” with Chloe. She was a star!

Discussing the next scene. That’s Bill Cox, our director, in the center.

Now what in the world could this be about?!

We’ll complete the production next week in Nashville. Praying for a great finish!

Shooting at Silver Dollar City®

I’m so glad that I finally can tell you we’ll be shooting a portion of the VBS 2013 Worship Rally DVD at Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, Missouri! They have been absolutely wonderful to work with, making everything as easy as possible for our team! When Bill Cox, the video director, and I made the first call to ask if they would consider our shooting there, one of the comments they made really impressed me: “We want you to know you have a partner in Christian ministry.” Wow! We had not heard that from any other theme park! We knew right away we wanted to find a way to make their location work for us.

Did you see the blog I posted April 18, shortly after we visited our “secret” location? I included two photos as clues, but they were only portions of photos so it would be challenging to determine where we were!

This first photo is part of the building that houses one of their great roller coasters, “WildFire.” I honestly think it may be the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden! WildFire will be known as “Vaporizer 3000” in our video. Be on the lookout for it!

This second photo is the bumper that’s on the front of WildFire.

We leave in just a few days to begin production there. I would truly appreciate your prayers for good weather, safe travel, and good health! Thanks!

Video Pre-production

Can you believe we already are in pre-production mode for the VBS 2013 Worship Rally DVD?! Most of you haven’t even seen the 2012 video yet (though I’m confident you will take a look)! One of the fun, but challenging parts of the pre-production process is finding the right location for the story. Is it within driving distance from Nashville? If not, how will we assemble our cast? If we’ll be driving, how many vehicles will be required? What will gas cost us? Yikes!

I can’t wait to tell you about the location we’ve chosen for the VBS 2013 video! The few of us who went on the site survey to this location left there saying, “We want to find a way to work with this place.” We were so impressed with their management team. I was excited when we began to develop our story and discovered that it, indeed, will work at this particular site!

The VBS 2013 theme will be revealed on June 4! Until then, any guesses from these pictures as to where we’ll be shooting? (I did try to make the guessing difficult! Hey, it’s supposed to be a secret until June 4!)

Puppets Anyone?

In our opinion, the best VBS resource is one that has multiple uses. Skits found in the Amazing Wonders Aviation Closing Worship Rally are just such a resource.

The skits (found on pages 35-39 of the Worship Rally Guide) are a great way to bring each day of VBS to a close, but they can also be used to begin the day. With just a few tweaks to change past tense into future tense the characters, Sal and Sam, briefly introduce the theme for the day and help kids connect with the contents of the day’s Bible study.

We told you we like resources that can be used in multiple ways, so the skits can be performed by humans, puppets, or a human and a puppet.

The use of puppets seems to be on the increase so we would like to ask you a couple of questions.

1. Does your church use puppets during VBS?

2. If so, how do you use them?

Rhonda and I look forward to hearing from you.

Meet the Actor: Tizoc Fleishour

This is the final installment of “Meet the Actor,” where the cast members of the Worship Rally DVD are featured. If Tizoc were sitting here beside me, I feel certain he would say, “You saved the best for last.” He has a great sense of humor, and I loved bantering back and forth with him. (I, of course, would have to say to him that I liked all the actors equally. Then he would probably tell me he was certain that couldn’t be true!)

Like his fellow cast mates, Tizoc arrived prepared to work each day. And though he takes his work seriously, he also provided us with great comic relief! What a fun kid to have on a shoot!

I loved meeting his sweet mom, Kimberly. I’m thankful to ALL THE PARENTS of these kids, who made sacrifices to get them to the location each day and pick them up at our best-guess time!

Now, I introduce you to my friend Tizoc. . . .

Q: What character do you play in the VBS 2012 video?

A: I played Hollywood. I was one of the three nerds and “the closest thing to a leader type.” :D

That's Tizoc in the brown shirt

Q: What was the hardest part of the video shoot?

A: Sitting in that stuffy military bunker all day. :P But it was definitely still fun, especially when we were in the far back and all the lights got turned off.

Q: What was the best part of the video shoot?

A: Working with the wonderful people there. I’ve seldom meet quite as many questionably odd people who were so much like myself.  :D  I love ‘em all!

Q: Was this your first acting job? If not, what other jobs have you had?

A: No, I have been in Alice in Wonderland and Aladdin, both musicals. I gained a lot in those plays. I never had the ability to sing onstage before that, so it was definitely a good experience.

Preparing to shoot a scene with the old film projector

Q: What’s your favorite part of school?

A: Art class. I like being able to pour my mind out onto paper so that others may view my perception of the world.

Q: What sports do you like, and do you play any?

A: I don’t really play sports and I’m not too interested in any. I used to be on the racing team in grade school, but that was before my addiction to pizza ruined my life.  :D

Q: If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: Europe. I’ve always been fascinated with the language they speak there, so elegant and refined. Besides, I’ve never seen snow before, and that’s something I must do before I die.  :P

Q: Would you like to continue acting?

A: Yes. Acting is one of the few things that can cheer me up. I must say, I haven’t had the happiest life of all, but when I’m onstage everything becomes new. I’m no longer Tizoc Fleishour, I’m the nerdy kid who hangs out with other social outcasts, or the crazy old March Hare that everyone knows and loves. I will definitely continue acting, but only if that’s what God wants for me.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: The time I spent doing VBS will not soon be forgotten. I learned very much from that whole experience. It gave me something that all actors need (seeing as how many times we don’t make the cut :P)—confidence. That no matter how many times you fall off the horse, you can always get back up. J I loved every second I spent with all the crazy whack-a-doos (that’s a compliment in my book) that were in the VBS crew.

P.S. Muffins are just ugly cupcakes. :o)