VBS and Trail Mix

It’s National Trail Mix Day and what goes better with trail mix than VBS? So in honor of National Trail Mix Day, I went back and dusted off the archives to find the names of all the VBS trail mix recipes since our major redesign in 1997! So take a stroll done memory lane, (or should I say down the VBS Trail?) and let us know which trail mix was your favorite.

1997 Wild and Wonderful Good New Stampede– Locust-and-Honey Trail Mix

1998 StarQuest– Power Corn

1999 Mt. Extreme– S’more Mountain Mix

2000 Ocean Odyssey– Fish Food

2001 Truth Trackers– Camel Fodder

2002 Amazon Outfitters– Recycled Trash Snack Mix

2003 Kingdom Caper– Hot-on-the-Trail Mix

2004 Rickshaw Rally– Crunch for the Course

2005 Ramblin’ Road Trip– Park Trail Mix

2006 Arctic Edge– Caribou Crunch

2007 Game Day Central– Half-time Cheese Mix

2008 Outrigger Island– Tropical Trail Treat

2009 Boomerang Express– Koala Krunch and Coral Reef Mix

2010 Saddle Ridge Ranch– Horse Feed

2011 Big Apple Adventure– Zoo Mix

2012 Amazing Wonders Aviation– Matterhorn Mix, Paricutin Volcano Mix, and Great Barrier Reef Mix

And here’s a sneak peek at 2013 Colossal Coaster World– Tilt-a-Whirl Fun Mix



VBS Snack Queen Retires

In November, 2010, we posted a blog about Shirley Smith, our resident LifeWay VBS Snack Queen. You can read the blog at http://www2.lifeway.com/vbs2011/yourvbs/index.php/updates/article/1657. Shirley was a member of the VBS team for many years. She has the gift of hospitality and loves sharing through the gift of food.

Shirley is the one on the far left in this VBS team Christmas get-together from a few years ago.

With Shirley’s talent and skills in baking, cooking, and making VBS snacks look wonderful, it’s not surprising that she would use her gifts to help with creating and testing VBS snacks since 1997. She began making themed snacks for our VBS writer’s conference and then moved on to helping with testing of the snacks in 2002. She has been very helpful in making snacks for photo shoots for the VBS Snack Rotation Cards and for the VBS catalog and Promo Video Shoots.

Sample of snacks made by Shirley for photo shoot

Even though some organizational restructuring moved Shirley off the VBS team a couple of years ago, she continued to be a vital part of getting VBS products to the printers on time and to help us when it was time to make VBS snacks. The VBS team is indebted to her for all the ways she has contributed to making VBS resources the best they can be to make a difference in the lives of boys and girls and their families.

Shirley with her family at her LifeWay retirement reception

Shirley will be retiring from LifeWay this Friday. The VBS team will miss her, but I am sure she will still be a vital part of making VBS snacks in the future! Thank you, Shirley, for all you have done and all you will continue to do for the kingdom! We love you!!

Decorating Your Snack Rotation

Snacks at a volcano? That’s right. But don’t worry, this volcano won’t spew. It’s the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico, and it’s one of the natural wonders of the world.

Try these decorating tips to get your lava flowing.

Tip #1: The Decorating Made Easy with Clip Art CD contains clip art of church ruins that you can use to enhance your snack area. Simply use an overhead projector to trace the clip art onto insulation foam. Remember to draw out the lines on top of the plastic sheathing, then cut the foam, then remove the plastic sheathing before painting. Put a base coat of paint on the foam and don’t use spray paint on the foam.

Tip #2: Use two-inch insulation foam to create the volcano. Create ridges in the foam with a hacksaw or heat knife. Paint the foam and hold it together with T-pins and duct tape. No hammer or nails needed!

Tip #3: Go the extra mile for the “wow” factor. Adding a smoke machine behind your volcano really makes it come to life!

Tip #4: Protect your tables with the VBS 2012 Tablecloths.

Tip #5: Other accessories that will make your snack area fun include the VBS 2012 String Flags, VBS 2012 Whirleys, VBS 2012 Quick Scene™ Visual Pack, VBS 2012 Inflatable Airplane, and the VBS 2012 Quick Scene™ Super Duper Sized Backdrop.

Check them out! And be sure to watch the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” clip.

Coordinates for the Paricutin Volcano— 19˚ 29’34.8″N 102˚ 15’3.6″W

Foto Friday. . .Snacks 2012!

Hi everybody! I hope everyone has had a great week so far! Guess what I did yesterday at work? NO, not sleep! lol!

I did a photo shoot. . .a snack photo shoot! What’s a snack photo shoot? Well, I’m  glad you asked! Carol and I work on the Snack Rotation Recipe Cards and every year, Carol (with the help of some of our other team members) makes ALL the snacks and then I photograph them!

It’s a fun day! After we finish taking the photos, we get to EAT the “models”! (Our department loves this day too!).

Here’s some photos from the day!

What does VBS always need? Trail Mix! ! !

Trail Mix!

Frosty Matterhorn Peaks! ! !

It’s a school of Colorful Goldfish! ! !

Our great Assistant. . .James!

A Mini Paricutin Volcano! ! !

Carol did NOT want me to take her picture! ! !

Surprise Melita! I'm taking your photo! ! !

I don't remember what these are called but they look good!

That's me posing in the background!