“Paint my foot blue!?” VBS Craft Idea Takes Flight!

Adam did not want anything to do with painting his foot blue! It was simply not going to happen—until Sally Cramer showed him that his blue foot would turn into a really cool blue airplane!

His shoes and socks were off in a flash!

Once the foot print dries, it is outlined with fabric paint pen—the kind that bumps up a little.

Every year during VBS, Sally Cramer tries to come up with a hand print or foot print craft for her 2 & 3 year old VBS class. Check out this year’s amazing fleet of little blue feet!

Dabbs gets a blue pedicure!

“Parents love to have foot prints or hand prints at different stages of their kid’s lives,” Sally said, “so why not bring that idea to VBS every year?”

The Blue Feet Fleet!

It started several years ago when Sally, Sherry Vick and Becky Clay helped their class of little people create hand/foot print tote bags! Sally recalled, “It was pretty cool to see the 4 year olds use their VBS tote bags to carry their stuff in when they promoted to BIG Church in the fall”.

Game Day tote bag!

To mix things up, Sally and friends decided to alternate tote bags with t-shirts. Tote bags on the even years—T-shirts on the odd years. The rest is VBS history!

Arctic Edge! Hands and feet—just don’t paint the toes!

Outrigger Island! Hand print palm trees. William’s hand is still green to this day! jk

Sally and some of the little people!

A bit about Sally: she is married to Steve, has two great kids, Alyson (9), and Lucas (10), owns and operates her own graphic design business Little June Bug Graphics from her home, teaches graphic design at The Art Institute, and loves VBS! (She totally qualifies as a VBS Geek of the Week!) …and she goes to my church, FBC Nashville.

Lance and Sally

Thanks Sally for what you (and all of you reading this blog!) do to make VBS happen for kids everywhere! Teaching kids about Jesus—doesn’t get any better than that!

Bonus: gotta give a little shout out to Lydia (Adam’s mom) who is pretty “crafty” herself. The airplane shirt Adam is wearing? Lydia made it! Also, Patrick (Adam’s dad) works here at LifeWay and led music at VBS this year! Thanks Patrick!

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Spring Break VBS 2012!

It’s just March, but I’ve already had the pleasure of visiting one of the first Vacation Bible Schools in our area! First Baptist Church in Gallatin, Tennessee saw a need and provided a great solution! Spring break can be a challenge for working parents who can’t take off from work for a whole week. Vacation Bible School is a great option. The innovative staff came up with a plan. They would provide Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS in the morning and then provide options in the afternoons for kids to experience “regional adventures.” A minimal cost covered admission to area kids museums, zoos, or swimming.

So, for today’s “Foto Friday,” enjoy some scenes from Spring Break VBS!

First Baptist Church Gallatin, Tennessee invites friends to Spring Break VBS!

We were greeted by Executive Pastor, Greg Jackson, and a very special helper... his grandson!

Senior Pastor, Larry Yarborough, and photographer, Mark Fagan, also served as great hosts. (Love Pastor Larry's goggles! These guys really support VBS!)

Some of the youth lead in music as the children were arriving. Then, they also lead the Worship Rally music. They called their group "The Airheads!" Gotta love that! They did great!

Can you believe this is just cardboard, crumpled brown paper, light blue tablecloths, and pillow batting. Awesome!

Learning a memory verse is fun when you add a little waterfall mist as you jump the falls.

Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef were going swimmingly! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

We had SO much fun! Thank you First Baptist Church Gallatin, Tennessee for letting us come visit!

We had to stop and grab something to eat on our way back to work. Look what we noticed by the Chick-Fil-A drive through as we were leaving!

Getting the word out in the community! Great job, First Baptist Church Gallatin!

Sneak Peek Week—Crafts

I know you haven’t even gotten through 2012 and we’re talking 2013 already. But hey, that’s the world we live in on the VBS team. Anyway, I am going to give you a heads up on a few craft supplies you might want to be stashing away for next year.

Wondering what to do with all those extra plastic Easter eggs? Save the bottom half of each egg for crafts next year!

Got any old CD jewel cases sitting around? Save them for a weeklong craft idea in 2013!

Drink up and save those empty water bottles, you’re gonna need them.

And of course no VBS week would be complete without the use of craft sticks in some fashion.

For those of you out there who like to use our Club VBS option, you might need to save spring-type clothespins, felt in bright colors, and brown paper grocery bags.

Decorating Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef

This year, VBS crafts will take place in the colorful Great Barrier Reef. You may remember that the Great Barrier Reef was also a location during LifeWay’s Boomerang Express VBS. Check your storage closets to see if there is something stashed away that can be repurposed.

These tips will give you some ideas for creating your own fun environment for craft time.

Tip #1: Use lots of color. From the fish to the coral, the Great Barrier Reef is full of color. Be generous in your application of color as you decorate your craft area.

Tip #2: Make three-dimensional coral out of Styrofoam®. Cut out a basic shape and save your scraps. Then, glue the scraps onto the base shape to create a fun, free-form coral that you can paint any color you like.

Tip #3: Raid your local craft store. Watch the sale flyers. You can find several things at your local craft store to add to your reef environment—reeds, tulle, and clear plastic ornaments—to name a few. Paint the reeds bright colors and stick them into the Styrofoam®. You can also add a little life to your craft room by printing out a few colorful fish from the Decorating Made Easy Clip Art CD-ROM, and attaching them to dowel rods so the fish can “swim” among the coral and reeds. Use tulle to give your room even more of an underwater feel. It’s inexpensive and easy to hang.

Tip #4: Collect clear plastic ornaments. These make awesome bubbles. Simply hang them with fishing line. With Christmas right around the corner, be looking for opportunities to stock up.

Tip #5: Create a treasure trunk. Find an old trunk or suitcase and adhere an Amazing Wonders Aviation logo to the front. You may want to keep the trunk closed, or you can fill it with craft supplies or treats for your kids.

I hope these decorating tips will get you swimming with ideas. Your kids are really going to love creating crafts under the sea while they learn all about our amazing God!

Be sure to check out the Decorating Tips with Melita video for further details about how we created Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef.

Coordinates for the Great Barrier Reef— 18˚ 34’4″S 148˚ 33’19″E

Are You Crafty?

So we all know VBS and crafts are almost synonymous. Crafts are one of those things in VBS that people remember until they’re 80! C’mon, you know I am right. I bet if I asked you right now you could tell me all about those pictures you made from dried beans. Or the coasters you made from craft sticks and the necklaces from uncooked pasta. I still remember a plaster of paris plaque made with my handprint. (I am pretty sure my mom still has it!)

As for me, sometimes I have a love-hate relationship with VBS crafts. I love editing the VBS Crafts Rotation Leader Guide. It’s fun to be creative and work with a great team of ideators and writers as well as making samples in my office. But here’s the hard part, trying to come up with these absolutely fabulous ideas that kids will remember when they’re 80 and cost around .50 cents a kid. Oh, and then you have to remember that about 100 kids will have 20-25 minutes to make said craft. And you have to use supplies that are readily available in all areas. Whew, can you see my struggle?

So that’s why I ask, “Are you crafty?’ If you said yes and have just been waiting for your chance to share one of your fabulous VBS craft ideas, you’re in luck.

Help me end my love-hate relationship! Leave a comment with your idea. Include needed supplies, brief directions, approximate cost per child, and time frame for completion. Your comment will enter you into a random drawing for a free VBS 2012 Amazing Wonders Aviation Sampler.  All comments must be posted by midnight on October 14 to be eligible for the drawing.

Not to Be Outdone

Since Keith gave a sneak peak at the snacks for 2012, I couldn’t let him out do me. So I decided to give you a sneak peak at some of the crafts for 2012. And without further ado, I present a few of our favorite crafts for Amazing Wonders Aviation.

Can you guess how these cute little planes tie into one of the day’s Bible story?

These foam flyers are a blast. My son made about 15 to play with at home.

Look closely and you’ll see the reason that VBS is so important.

And last but not least, this science experiment turned craft will be sure to amaze your kids!