Awesome and Amazing!

This morning I complete an awesome and amazing week of CentriKid Camp at Ridgecrest Conference Center in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

I say “awesome” and “amazing” because just like VBS, this week we have truly witnessed an Awesome God and His Amazing Power. Last night we celebrated as a child who earlier in the week voiced disbelief in God, made a complete turn around and confessed Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He was one of many life transformations this week!

Can you tell we sang “A-M-A-Z-ING” this week?

I can also say “awesome” and “amazing” about this place – Ridgecrest Conference Center – and the surrounding Black Mountain and Asheville area. This week has afforded me a few hours to explore, both by foot and car, God’s amazing wonders. There may not be a Grand Canyon or Victoria Falls near by, but the majesty of God’s creation is in every stream and mountain peak.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit in October, and I sincerely hope you will join me right here at Ridgecrest October 8 – 10 for LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference. As awesome and amazing as this place is in the summer, I can only imagine the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Fall. I’m usually here in January, so this October will be my first time to experience North Carolina’s Fall wonders.

Sadly, camp ends this morning, but not the fun! For the afternoon I’m thinking about checking out the shops and terrific restaurants of Black Mountain, the Billy Graham exhibit at The Cove, a hike up Chimney Rock (I hear the view is truly one of God’s amazing wonders), a visit to the awesome and amazing Biltmore mansion in Asheville, or maybe just a leisurely drive to take in the sights of the Swannanoa Valley. So much to experience, so little time! I just may have to plan another visit before October!

One thing is for sure, you do not want to miss the awesome and amazing experience of Kids Ministry Conference. The worship leadership of Travis Cottrell, the tremendous speakers and breakout leaders, the terrific relationships, and Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains all combine for one awesome and amazing experience!

Looking forward to seeing you October 8 – 10!

Foto Friday. . .Preview Photos!

Wow! I can’t believe we have already finished 2 VBS Preview events (Ridgecrest & Ft. Worth)! We (the VBS Team) actually have a week off. . .not from work though. . .we are working on VBS 2013 right now! I can’t say what it is yet. :P

We have a week to rest up before setting up and hosting the Nashville VBS Preview. There is still a little room for the Thursday/Friday Preview (Jan 27-28).

We also have room for the Kissimmee, FL Preview (Feb 17-18), SO COME ON DOWN! Or come on up. . .if you live south of Kissimmee! lol! It should be nice and sunny! (actually I don’t know that) :P

If you come down to Kissimmee, I’ll tell you a joke that my 4 year old daughter told me! It’s funny!

Today on Foto Friday, I wanted to share just some random photos from the Ridgecrest and Ft. Worth events.

I just flew in and. . .(my arms are not tired!) :P

Great Bible overview Melita!

I don't remember their names but they had me laughing SO HARD!

GREAT t-shirt! ! !

Um, I think the flight is full! :P

These kids were great! Love the hats!

I’ve had people ask and yes, you CAN purchase our Super Sized Hangar Backdrop artwork and then send it to a sign company to print larger!

There's always one on the flight! :D

Gordon is flying Stand-By!

Jerry delivering the message. Thanks Jerry!

***We have several people about the “how-to” instructions for the foam airplane in the photos. We created that for the events, so the instructions are not readily available but we are going to work up a blog post on the “how-to” instructions and get them to you!***

Foto Friday. . .EXPO!

Hi everyone from EXPO in Ridgecrest! We are busy busy busy trying to get everything ready for the grand opening later today!

Capt Keith & Capt Melita

I think at one point today we will have over 1000 people here! WOW!

Be sure to check our Facebook & Twitter page today and during the weekend for more photos.

Enjoy the photos!

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On the Road Again! (well almost)

Road trip! This week we’re packing our bags and heading for Ridgecrest, North Carolina. We may have just spent the holiday with kith and kin (what are kith, anyway?). But, we are just as excited to spend our January visiting with VBS friends we know and making lots of new ones!

The calendar may be showing 2012 for the first time, but we’ve been living 2012 for months now! And, it’s time to clear the runway! Take off! Get this bird in the air! (Guess my brain is a bit overloaded with aeronautical phrases. It’s an occupational hazard, I guess. I love themes!)

Will you be joining us? I sure hope so! This feels like that “I’m going on a trip” game. I’m going to VBS Previews and I’m taking an Amazing Wonders Aviation T-shirt. (That’s my item starting with an “A”! Who can add something with a “B” and then a “C”… ??)

Come by the Expo and say hello! And, Happy New Year!

VBS 2010 Preview Events – Mark your calendars!!

If you are interested in attending the VBS Preview Events for VBS 2010, here’s a little insider information. In January 2010, we will have 5 VBS Preview Events, plus 2 new Preview Sneak Peek events, which are shorter and less expensive than the normal VBS Preview Events. Here are some dates and locations so you can mark your calendars! I don’t have  registration or pricing info available yet, but I’ll update as soon as I do!

January 7-8 – VBS Preview Sneak Peek, Ridgecrest, NC
January 8-9 – VBS Preview, Ridgecrest, NC
January 14-15 – VBS Preview, Fort Worth, TX
January 15-16 – VBS Preview, Fort Worth, TX
January 22-23 – VBS Preview Sneak Peek, Las Vegas, NV
January 28-29 – VBS Preview, Nashville, TN
January 29-30 – VBS Preview, Nashville, TN

Pics from VBS Events

I’ve added a ton of pics to our facebook fan page, and Kangaroo Keith has done his part in adding pics to his facebook profile, but here are a few more pics for you to enjoy from the VBS events at Ridgecrest and Glorieta!