Foto Friday. . .Northern Lights

Hi all! It’s starting to get busy busy busy here, so I wanted to share a video you with today. When I was young, I lived in Brunswick, Maine, and it was BEAUTIFUL! One night, I remember my parents called me and my brother outside and we saw something INCREDIBLE! The Northern Lights!

So, naturally, I wanted to build the Northern Lights set! Here’s a video that we have in our video section of the LifeWay VBS website.


Foto Friday…Preview/Expo fun photos

Well the Preview/EXPO season has ended for us on the VBS team and it’s time to get back  to working on VBS 2013. It has been SO fun meeting and talking with everyone! This last VBS Preview (at FBC Kissimmee) was especially fun for me because my daughter, Sadie, gave me one of her stuff animals (a stuff kangaroo named, Kanga) to take with me. So, I decided to take photos of Kanga on this trip and text them to her.

She THOROUGHLY enjoyed the photos! While I was down at Kissimmee, I was able to go to Downtown Disney, which was especially fun for her because my wife and I are taking her next month (Sadie’s 1st time)!

Kanga and Sadie

So, here’s Kanga’s adventures!

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Foto Friday. . .More Set Photos

Hi everyone! I’m back from the beach and it’s been busy here at LifeWay! This week on Foto Friday, I’ve decided to show you all some more photos from our marketing video/photo shoot. As soon as I get a hold of some of the finished shots, I’ll post them. :)


Here’s a shot of the Parícutin volcano. If you haven’t read about how Parícutin was formed, check it out! Pretty interesting!

Is that Jeremy hiding behind some silhouette trees? These trees are for the Northern Lights set.

Here I am hanging some Christmas tree lights behind the “Northern Lights”.

Here are my 2 sets that I built. . .err, still building! (in this photo at least!) lol!