VBS + Missions = Winning Combination

Missions Under the Northern Lights for VBS 2012 features five missionaries and their stories on how God is working in their lives and their ministries. Three of the stories were provided by the International Mission Board (IMB) and two of the stories were provided by the North American Mission Board (NAMB). The VBS 2012 Missions Rotation Leader Guide features a DVD with five videos and some video extras to use as you teach the Missions rotation. To get up-to-date information and the latest prayer requests from each of the five missionaries, click here.

The Day 1 video “Sweet Flight to Amazon Jungle” features missionary pilot Andy Kennedy. You can find his update here!

On Day 2, the video titled “God’s Power Over the Arctic” featured John Forrester. Due to a NAMB personnel change since this video was produced, another missionary family serving in Kotzebue, Alaska is featured in the missionary update. You can find the story for Matt and Tammy Hoke here.

The latest update for Day 3’s “The Mahafaly of Madagascar” featuring IMB missionaries Grant and Jodie Waller is available here.

The Day 4 story of “Chaps and the Big E” highlights Navy Chaplain Fred Holcombe and his ministry on the USS Enterprise. Check out his update and prayer requests.

Day 5 featured a 12-year-old deaf girl who went on a mission trip with her dad when she was 10 years old to lead a VBS in El Pozon, Colombia. The missionaries who work with the Deaf in Colombia are Charles and Betty Thomas* (names changed). You can find information on their ministry here.

One last update is on the “Northern Necessities” mission project. The website listed in the Missions Rotation Leader guide and on the “Northern Necessities Poster” (Insert Item 4) is currently under construction. The tab “How You Can Help” is currently unavailable. You can see the information about ways to help by visiting this link. Please note that it will be helpful to First Baptist of Kotzebue if you will mail the items your church collects to the church’s post office box. The address is P.O. Box 26, Kotzebue, Alaska 99752.

Keep these missionaries and their ministries in your prayers. With kids and leaders in VBS praying for the specific prayer requests of these missionaries, big things will happen!

Decorating Missions

Missions Under the Northern Lights

Are you leading a missions rotation this year and drawing a blank on how to decorate your room for Missions Under the Northern Lights? Well, it’s a good thing for the Decorating Made Easy with Clip Art CD. This handy book includes step-by-step instructions to help you create an environment like the one you see here:

Decorating Made Easy is also filled with tons of other ideas in case you want to do simple and quick decorations.

Use these tips to get your decorating juices flowing:

Tip #1: Save artificial Christmas greenery. Your church may have a large supply of artificial greenery for use during the Christmas season. Undecorated Christmas trees will make a fabulous woodland forest. Ask other VBS leaders and church members if they are willing to bring you their artificial tree for use during the week of VBS. And watch for those after-Christmas sales.

Tip #2: Light up the night with Christmas lights. Hang Christmas lights and shimmering fabric from the ceiling to create an “under the stars” feeling in your missions room.

Tip #3: Super-size it. New this year is a Super Duper Size Backdrop that gives you instant “wow!” It features all six natural wonders, so you can use them together as a giant mural, or you can separate them.

Tip #4: Cover the ground. If kids are going to be sitting under the Northern Lights, make sure they’re comfortable by covering the floor with artificial turf.

Your kids are going to have a great time learning all about missions this summer during Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS!

Check out the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” clip.

Coordinates for Yellowknife— 62˚ 27’16.8624″N 114˚ 22′ 35.295″W

Note: Although the Northern Lights can be seen from many places in the world, Yellowknife a Northwest Territory of Canada is known as the aurora tourism capital.

VBS Kits for Kids–Connecting Kids Who Care with Kids in Need

It’s mid-August and that means it’s been back-to-school time for many states. That also means many families have done some back-to-school shopping! Number 2 pencils, scissors, and rulers may have been on the list! These items were also on the list of needed supplies for the VBS Kits for Kids project that many churches participated in as part of the Missions Rotation of Big Apple Adventure. The kits for kids collected during VBS have been making their way to the warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. Over 5600 kits have been received as you can see from this Web site: www.vbskitsforkids.com. However, if your church has not mailed your kits to the warehouse, many more kits are still needed. The deadline for shipping the kits to the warehouse is October 31, 2011.

The address to mail the kits is: Baptist Global Response, c/o A&O Services, 2109 Loumour Avenue, Richmond, VA  23230-4109. From this warehouse, the kits will be mailed to children living outside the U.S. to children who need educational supplies in order to attend school. Many of these children may be living in poverty areas, where their families cannot afford to purchase these supplies or in areas of recent disasters, where the supplies are not available.

Also, if your church collected offerings to help with this project, you can mail a check to Baptist Global Response, 402 BNA Drive, Suite 411, Nashville, TN 37217 or make a donation online at www.gobgr.org. These offerings will help with shipping costs to get these supplies to children who really need them.

If you are looking for a mission project for your kids to be involved in, between now and the end of October, you can find the shopping list of school supplies for the kits for kids at: www.baptistglobalresponse.com/kitsforkids/pdf/shopping%20list.pdf. More kits are needed and it’s a great way to connect kids who care with kids in need!

Foto Friday-Proof

Hi everyone! It’s Keith again! I hope you all are enjoying the blog. This week’s Foto Friday has a familiar face to it, Proof.

Thank you Andy for sharing a day in the life of Proof this week. We were privileged to meet Proof at the VBS Preview events and had a fun time loving on him. Here are some candid photos of Proof with several members of the VBS team!

Becky, Andy, & Proof


Andy, Proof, & some friends (who seem to have the same hat on!)


Melita & Proof


Becky, Melita, & Proof


Gordon & Proof after a long and productive day!


Meeting Andy and Proof was a blessing and reading about the encouragement and hope they are able to pass to the people of the Bronx, reminds me that I need to be praying for them and all of our missionaries around the world. After the events of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, I’m reminded to pray especially for the Japanese people and our missionaries in Japan. Also, if you would like to donate to the relief efforts in Japan then you could do so at many different organizations. The Baptist Global Response and the IMB, both have webpage where you can donate.




New and Improved Idea Banks

We heard you! The VBS Idea Banks are back, and they are better than ever. This is the place where you can “deposit” your ideas and “withdraw” other people’s ideas on all aspects of Vacation Bible School 2011. The Idea Banks are different than the VBS Forums—the forums are a place for discussions and conversations.

Our Idea Banks provide a place for you to upload your own photos, videos, and text about any VBS topic—crafts, snacks, decorations, Bible study, missions, Worship Rally, recreation, scheduling, follow-up ideas, teacher appreciation, success stories, and more. Get out your camera and share your success with others. Anyone have some “VBS blogger” appreciation ideas?