Shirttail Tag Anyone?

It is often assumed that as the vbsguy I obviously direct VBS at my church – Nashville’s Inglewood Baptist Church – but actually I haven’t been a VBS director in more years than I care to count.

During my 20 plus years on church staff I had ultimate responsibility for VBS, but usually had a volunteer VBS director. For most of those years, which were spent at Park Place Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, the director was Dava Donaho, who taught me most of what I know about efficiently organizing and managing the details of VBS.

Since moving to Nashville in 2006, I have participated in VBS by mostly serving as an assistant teacher or helper. This has given me a great opportunity to experience VBS and LifeWay’s curriculum from many vantage points.

In the past six years I have served multiple times as the teacher for adult VBS, on the security team for youth VBS, served as a helper/group leader in VBX, a co-teacher in 1st-2nd Grade Bible Study, and this year the most fun assignment of all – co-leader for recreation! Shirttail Tag! Paper Plane Relay!

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures from our rainy-evening retreat indoors, where recreation included Great Barrier Reef cupcakes and a highly competitive paper plane relay.

Wonder what my assignment will be next year????

Foto Friday…Theme Park Photos!

Wow! Colossal Coaster World! I can’t wait to go! I love theme parks. . .and photos! So for today’s Foto Friday, I wanted to share some photos of the VBS theme when they were younger and at a theme park!


Lynne (on the left) working the train at Opryland!

Carol (on the left) at Walt Disney World!

Melita with Snow White!

Darlene (on the right) at Opryland!

Darlene and her dad at Opryland!

Darlene and Guitar Man at Opryland!

Candace at the 1982 World’s Fair!

VBS 2013: Facing Fear, Trusting God

Colossal Coaster World

Facing Fear, Trusting God

Not many things are more exciting for kids than a day at a favorite theme park. The excitement accelerates as kids approach the main gate and the adventure begins. Hearts pound as they wait in line to ride the park’s premier roller coaster!

LifeWay’s VBS 2013 will use this setting to challenge kids, teens, and adults to tap into God’s promise to give them the courage to face their fears by trusting Him. Whether the sense of fearfulness comes from changing the familiar for the unfamiliar, speaking up when it’s right to do so, or making the ultimate decision to believe in Jesus and trust Him as Savior, they can trust God for the spirit of power, love, and sound judgment.

VBS Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness,

but one of power, love, and sound judgment.

YOU ASKED FOR IT! WE DELIVERED! We are extremely excited to announce that the Bible study for the week centers around the Apostle Paul. This is only the second time we have spent an entire week of VBS encountering Jesus through the eyes, words, and experiences of just one person from Scripture.

Day 1 – Dare to Change

Bible Story: Acts 9:1-18 (Paul’s conversion.)

Life Application Direction: This study is designed to help kids, teens, and adults know that God can change their lives by replacing fear with courage and hope.

Day 2 – Dare to Speak Up

Bible Story: Acts 9:20-30 (Paul speaks up in Damascus, experiences a basket escape, and returns to Jerusalem where Barnabas speaks up for him.)

Life Application Direction: This study teaches us that God can help us speak up boldly against wrong doings.

Day 3 – Dare to Believe

Bible Story: Acts 16:16-34 (Paul and Silas in prison, jailer’s conversion.)

Life Application Direction: The study this day teaches us we can recognize God’s love, and we express our love to others when we share about Jesus.

Day 4 – Dare to Stand Strong

Bible Story: Acts 21:27-23:11 (Paul before the Sanhedrin – vision of Jesus and promise to speak in Rome.)

Life Application Direction: This day we learn that God gives us courage to stand strong for God’s Truth with gentleness and respect.

Day 5 – Dare to Trust

Bible Story: Acts 27 (The shipwreck.)

Life Application Direction: On this day we learn that we can trust God with whatever comes next.


Theme Bible Verse: Hebrews 13:6

God helps me. I will not be afraid.

Day 1: Acts 9:1-21 – Paul Learned to Love Jesus

Day 2: Acts 9:20-31 – Barnabas Was a Friend to Paul

Day 3: Acts 16:22-34 – Paul and Silas in Jail

Day 4: Acts 21:37-2:11 – Paul Talked to the People

Day 5: Acts 27 – God Took Care of Paul

VBS Geek of the Week – Shelby Egender

Last week I announced that I had found two ladies in Oklahoma worthy of the highly sought after crown of Geek of the Week.

VBS Geeks are those rare (actually in the world of VBS they are not so rare) people who eat, sleep, and breath VBS not for just one week of the year, but basically on a daily basis. They are the people who can literally tire someone else out by talking VBS non-stop.

This week’s Geek is just such a person. In fact, the only way she could get her daughter to agree to attend the VBS Preview in Fort Worth back in January was to promise that she would not talk VBS while in the car. All indications are that this was one promise our Geek was unable to keep.

It is my honor to introduce you to Shelby Egender, bi-vocational Children’s Minister at Baptist Temple in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the 22nd VBS Geek of the Week!

Shortly before VBS 2011 Shelby was called to her ministry position at Baptist Temple. She did a great job of pulling together on short notice a VBS faculty as well as organizing the work of a mission team assigned to help her.

In addition to her staff position, Shelby holds down a full-time secular job and helps another church in Capital City Baptist Association conduct Club VBS each year.

In the picture above Shelby is demonstrating another way she shares her love and passion for VBS with churches throughout the Oklahoma City area by leading preschool training for the associational VBS training clinic.

Shelby, thanks for writing your own chapter in the history of Vacation Bible School, and for sharing your heart for reaching boys and girls, teens, and adults through this great ministry we call VBS!