Meet the Actress: Ariana York

I’ll never forget when I called Ariana’s home to tell her she had been selected to play a part in the VBS 2012 video! She was so sweet, and so excited about taking on the role! Right away, I could hardly wait to meet her face to face! She arrived at our rehearsal with the same eagerness she had when we had talked on the phone weeks earlier. I knew immediately that she and I would be friends. Driving back and forth from the location to lunch each day provided us opportunity to get to know each other better. (The young gentlemen in our cast allowed Ariana to ride in the front seat along with me, providing us the opportunity to talk.) Ariana is a talented, sweet girl with a bright future ahead of her.

Ariana with two of her castmates, Tizoc and Chance

It was so much fun to meet Ariana’s father, Doane, and her mom, Wendy. And, on the final day of our shoot, I got to meet several family members! I loved that! A fun thing you might want to know about Ariana’s family is that they sell Hawaiian coffees and pancake mix. The coffee company is Exotic Coffees Hawaii and the pancake and waffle mix company is Auntie LeiLani’s Hawaiian Pancake and Waffle Mix. They have so many delicious flavors of each, the list is too long to mention here! I got to try the mango pancake mix! Dee-lish! You can order some for yourself by contacting Ariana’s dad, Doane (pronounced “Dwayne”), at 808-782-2390!

Now, I introduce you to my friend, Ariana—

Q: What character do you play in the VBS 2012 video?

A: I play Cat, who is very smart, a major tomboy, pretty funny, one of the leaders, and sarcastic at times! Basically, she’s in the nerd group. Ha!

Q: What was the hardest part of the video shoot?

A: Well, the hardest part of the video shoot was when we were at Kualoa Ranch! (And, yes, we were there most of the shoot!) There were like, wild cows and stuff. So you had to make sure you were SUPER careful for each step you took, so you wouldn’t  step in their manure! Unfortunately in my case, I stepped in it a few times. :P

Shooting at Kualoa Ranch and dodging the cow patties!

Q: What was the best part of the video shoot?

A: The best part, was when we went to shoot at “The Great Barrier Reef” (Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu)!  It was the first time I’ve ever been there, so that was a real treat! :D Haha!

Q: Was this your first acting job? If not, what other jobs have you had?

A: No, this wasn’t my first acting job. I’ve been in the Foodland TV commercial 2010, Descendants 2010, Surf’s Up TV commercial 2008, Wizard of Oz (play) 2007-2008, Cutter Dodge TV commercial 2007, Honolulu Theatre for Youth Summer 2009.

Q: What’s your favorite subject in school?

A: Math! Math is like my FAVORITE subject! I seem to understand it really well, so to me, it’s not that hard! Haha!

Q: What sports do you like, and do you play any?

A: I like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and ping pong (if that counts! LOL!)! The sport I play competitively is tennis! I used to play basketball and volleyball, too.

Q: If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: If I could go ANYWHERE in the world on vacation….. Hmmm… That’s a pretty tough one… But, I would definitely go on a cruise to the Bahamas!

Q: Would you like to continue acting?

A: OF COURSE! Acting is my passion! It just makes me feel super happy. PLUS I get to meet a lot of cool and welcoming people! And, I think acting gives me various challenges & makes me a better person. Particularly this one! This role has made me a lot closer to God! And He just gives me so much confidence to be the person He wants me to be. Cause, I know that I couldn’t be in this situation without God! And I know He has a beautiful plan for my life and hopefully, acting will be a part of it.