Foto Friday. . .Flash Mob!

Hi everyone! As I was pondering what to do for today’s Foto Friday blog post, I read an email from my pastor, Dr Bruce Chesser (First Baptist Church Hendersonville). Bruce always sends out an email everyday letting us know what’s going on, what’s on his heart, upcoming events, etc. Well, the one I just read had me laughing so hard!

You see, on Wednesday nights, Bruce teaches his Pastor’s Bible Study” in the Fellowship Hall. Well, the youth decided to spread a little Christmas joy and excitement by flash mobbing his Pastor’s Bible Study!

The best part is toward the end of the video when the adults decide to flash mob the youth back! :D

Here is an excerpt from his email:

Here is how it happened. I had gone through my regular Wednesday night routine. I had gone by Children’s choirs and listened to them a little while. I had gone down to the Student Ministry CafĂ© and volunteered in the Snack Shop to make milk shakes and spend time with the teenagers. I had stopped by the gym where a huge group of teens were doing something (I didn’t know what at the time, I just saw kids and went in to see rub shoulders with them). Then I went into the Fellowship Hall to lead the Pastor’s Bible Study. Just as I was saying hello to the crowd and getting started it happened!

This hip-hop kind of music started blaring from the sound system and kids started coming into the room from everywhere. I mean everywhere. The curtain behind me opened and the stage was packed with teenagers. There were hundreds of teenagers in the front of the room, the aisles, the back of the room. They were everywhere. And then they started this weird dance (oops, it’s a Baptist church….I mean this weird creative movement display) to the music. Everyone in the room (adults, I mean) were all shocked by what was happening but thoroughly enjoying it. This went on for several minutes and then the kids finished by singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!”

So, you know what we (the adults) did? I invited the kids to sit down and I said to my compatriots, “they think you are old foggies. So, stand up and show ’em what you’ve got!” Jeff Henry, the Middle School Minister jumped up on the stage. They cranked back up the music (did I mention it was LOUD) and the adults begin doing this same flash mob dance routine for the kids!


Have you ever flash mob your pastor or VBS director?