Meet the Actor: Dillon Waidyatilleka

“Why’d ya tell her that?” That’s how I learned to say Dillon’s last name—Waidyatilleka. It’s pronounced with the same cadence with which I’d state that question!

We thought it would be fun to introduce you to the terrific cast from the Amazing Wonders Aviation Worship Rally DVD. So, I’ll be writing a feature on each of them every few days. Dillon plays the central character in this year’s video. He had lots of physical action to perform (such as open-ocean swimming for yards and yards). Unfortunately, in a video shoot that means he had to do those scenes over and over, and then one more time. (As Bill, our director, famously says: “Perfect! Now, let’s do it again.”) But, Dillon was a real trooper and never complained (at least not in front of us)!

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