Foto Friday. . .VBS Logos! ! !

Hi everyone! It’s your fun-loving VBS graphic designer (who happens to love numbers as well. . .I know, I’m weird) and it’s that time of the week. . .Foto Friday!!! Why do I bring up the, “I love numbers” thing? I’m glad you asked! As Carol has stated in her “VBS By the Numbers” post, I like to check the number of views my blog posts receive and I’ve realized that my “Clip Art” post has had a lot of views! I also field a lot of calls, emails, etc about people wanting the past VBS logos.

So, I decided this week will be the VBS logos from 1997 (Good New Stampede) to 2012 (Amazing Wonders Aviation)! By the way, I have worked on every single one except Good News Stampede! My first day at LifeWay was the very first day of writer’s conference for StarQuest.


1997's Good News Stampede

1998's StarQuest

1999 Mt. Extreme


2000's Ocean Odyssey


2001's Truth Trackers


2002's Amazon Outfitters


2003's Kingdom Capers


2004's Rickshaw Rally


2005' Ramblin' Road Trip


2006's Arctic Edge


2007's Game Day Central


2008's Outrigger Island


2009's Boomerang Express


2010's Saddle Ridge Ranch


2011's Big Apple Adventure


2012's Amazing Wonders Aviation

Getting God’s Word into the home

VBS is a proven method of reaching unchurched kids with the gospel. It makes sense that if unchurched kids are coming to your VBS events, you’ll want to do as much as you can go make sure that God’s Word goes home with them. Follow-up is a key part of VBS that I hope you won’t overlook.  As we designed the new Kids Activity Paks this year, we had follow-up in mind.

For preschoolers, the Kids Activity Paks include a book, an activity where kids can match objects, plus postcards that can be used in class and sent home with parents. The books are keepsakes that preschoolers will love to read again and again. What better way to get the God’s word into the home?

The Kids Activity Paks for school aged children includes a set of cards with an activity to reinforce the bible lesson for the day, a set of boomerangs for kids to take home that have the daily bible verse on one side and a place where kids can write their own daily challenge on the other side, a “Return Trip Ticket” to use for follow-up and to get the ABCs of Becoming a Christian into the home, plus a picture frame.

Here are some pics:

Think of all the ways you can use these resources to reach unchurched families during and after VBS.

  • Take pictures of kids during VBS, then deliver the picture in the Kids Activity Pak picture frame after VBS.
  • Use labels to add information to the Return Trip Ticket about a follow-up family event.
  • Challenge kids to memorize the daily bible verses by sending the boomerangs home every day.
  • Send parent postcards for preschoolers home each night.

You’ll want to make sure and get these for all the kids in your class!

Kids Activity Pak for Babies – 2s

Kids Activity Pak for 3′s – Kindergarten

Kids Activity Pak for Grades 1-2

Kids Activity Pak for Grades 3-4

Kids Activity Pak for Preteens

Facts & Trends announces the 2009 VBS Photo Contest

Hey guys – here’s some information on the VBS 2009 Photo Contest!!!!

Boomerang Express and Club VBS: Truth Trek photos welcome!!

Facts & Trends Online (FTO) staff is once again inviting churches and individuals to submit photos for the annual Vacation Bible School Photo Contest. This year, all submissions will be archived at the LifeWay News page on Facebook, a social networking Web site.

Submissions of Boomerang Express and Club VBS: Truth Trek photos will be organized into photo albums labeled with geographical regions, so users can easily view nationwide photos of contest submissions.

Participants can enter photos by sending an e-mail to The e-mail should include a photo title, the name of the church represented, the church’s address in addition to the submitter’s name, phone number and e-mail address. All entries must be received by Monday, Aug. 3, to be eligible.

Each participant can submit up to two photos that meet the following criteria:
- 300 dpi.
- JPEG format.
- Features at least one VBS participant (pictures of only landscapes or decorations will not be accepted).
- Features either the Boomerang Express or Club VBS: Truth Trek themes.

Beginning with the first entries in early June, the photo albums at the LifeWay News page on Facebook will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday as needed to include the most recent photographs.

Facebook fans of the LifeWay News page are invited to comment on and “tag” the photos. FTO staff reserves the right to edit or delete any comments or tags. Fans will also receive a reminder to help choose the winning entry at the contest’s conclusion.
After Aug. 3, staff will narrow submissions to the top 10 entries and post those entries at for a public vote from Aug. 5-14. FTO staff, along with representatives from LifeWay’s VBS area, will name the Grand Prize winner on Monday, Aug. 24.

The winning photo will be featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Facts & Trends magazine and the church represented will receive a 2010 VBS Super Sampler Kit compliments of LifeWay’s VBS area.

Please note: Because photos will be posted online, users who submit photos must notify parents or legal guardians of minors photographed to ensure consent before submitting entries.

Visit or the LifeWay News page on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the contest. Contest entries and questions can be submitted to facts&

Great Idea for Promotion!

Cyndy Vipperman from Mountain View Baptist Church in Surry Co, North Carolina added this picture to our VBS Online Community. What a great idea for promoting VBS! According to Cyndy, it’s made from OSB board.

Mt. View Baptist Church

Mt. View Baptist Church

Help! I’m the craft rotation leader!

Each year, we have an outside appraiser who takes our craft suggestions and tests them with kids. I thought some of the information she gathered would be helpful to you guys as you are planning the crafts rotation! Thanks so much to Lynn Jordan from Capital Baptist Association for being the craft tester!

Track 1
Name-a-Rang (Grades 1-2)
Time  (1st child finished – last child finished): 19 – 32 minutes

  • Make sure 2 holes are at the top before you print your name.
  • Ink from inkpads smeared on the slick surface of boomerang from the kit.
  • Younger children had trouble getting ribbon through the bells and the small holes in the boomerang. They also had trouble tying the knots.

Kids say:
“I’ll hang it on my doorknob.”
“Too many knots to tie.”

Boomerang Express Nameplate (Grades 3-4)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 14 – 26 minutes

  • Use self-adhesive foam letters and tiles.
  • Sort letters for the children to save time.
  • Make the mounting board a little smaller.
  • Use larger tiles to fill space more quickly.

Kids say:
“I’ll hang it on my wall.”
“Very Fun.”
“This craft was easy and I liked it a lot.”

Aussie Art Frame (All Ages) **Kid’s Favorite for Track 1**
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 11 – 14 minutes

  • Use spoon to apply sand.
  • Pencils worked better than daubers or glue dots.

Kids say:
“Be careful!”
“It makes a mess.”
“I’ll hang it in my room.”

Track 2
Praise Bells (Grades 1-2) **Kid’s Favorite for Track 2**
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 10 – 13 minutes

  • Ribbon should be wide enough for knots to hold, but narrow enough to fit through the bell and the hole in the pot.

Kids say:
“These are good for farmers.”
“Kids will need help with the knots and getting the ribbon through the holes.”
“This is hard.”

Worship Whirligigs (Grades 3-4)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 11 – 26 minutes

  • The children had a lot of trouble understanding the construction.
  • Substitute less expensive yarn and paper to reduce cost.

Kids say:
“It was a good one.”
“It was very frustrating!”
“This is hard.”
“The kids might have trouble with the knots.”

Cuppa Coasters (All Ages)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 11 – 16 minutes

  • Use a craft stick or stiff cardboard to squeegee the glue on the back of the CD.
  • Caution the children to start at the top and avoid touching the paint.

Kids say:
“I’ll give it to my Grandma.”
“This is one you should do.”
“This was easy and I liked it a lot.”

Track 3
ABC Sheep (Grades 1-2) **Tied for Kid’s Favorite for Track 3**
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 15 – 18 minutes

  • Push the marshmallow all the way up the ice pick to make the hole a little larger.

Kids say:
“Putting the arms and legs is hard.”
“I’ll give this to a friend who doesn’t know Christ.”
“The tail is not easy to put on.”

Shareable Wearables (Grades 3-4) **Tied for Kid’s Favorite for Track 3**
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 5 minutes

  • Ask children to bring shirts from home or substitute bandannas
  • Spray fabric paint didn’t work well.
  • Substitute regular spray paint.
  • Use dimensional fabric paint to make “A, B, C” then decorate with dots of paint.

Kids say:
“It’s messy.”

Mini-rang Game (All Ages Craft)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 3 – 4 minutes

  • Probably too short to stand alone, inexpensive and quick enough to use as an extra craft.
  • Make the whole room the target buy designating each quadrant A, B, etc.

Kids say:
“It’s easy.”
“Ill use it to play the game and share Christ.”
“You need sharp scissors.”

Track 4
Outback Place Mats (Grades 1-2)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 10 – 24 minutes

  • Pattern will have to be altered to fit the buttons according to the directions.
  • Marker rubs off the pad.
  • Substitute fun foam for the shelving pad.

Kids say:
“I’ll use it to eat on.”
“You use a lot of glue.”

Service Plate (Grades 3-4)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 14 – 21 minutes

  • Use plastic plates.
  • Placing a second plate under the first will hold your pattern in place.
  • Use permanent markers instead of paint pens.

Kids say:
“Don’t let the kids glob it on or it will smear.”
“It is fun.”
“I’ll give it to my Mom.”

Sheep Station Service Board (All Ages) **Kid’s Favorite for Track 4**

Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 8 – 15 minutes

  • We did not find the shapes and sizes suggested, but substituted 2½ X 31/2 wooden rectangles and teardrops from bags of assorted shapes.
  • Glue the ears to the face, then both to the board for a more dimensional look.

Kids say:
“It will remind me to do stuff.”

Track 5
Didgeridoo (Grades 1-2)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 8 – 11 minutes

  • Self-adhesive circles did not stick well.
  • Limit the amount of tape- children covered too much.
  • Use bingo daubers in place of paint daubers.

Kids said:
“Don’t let the children use too much tape.”
“I liked this craft a lot, but thought it was kind of hard.”
“I’ll use it to make music.”

Outback Plant Marker (Grades 3-4)
Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 2 – 4 minutes

  • Use for an extra craft.
  • Foam shapes would cut down on preparation time.

Kids said:
“I’ll give it to my Grandma.”
“I’ll put it in a plant.”
“Too easy.”

Memory Mirror (All Ages) **Kid’s Favorite for Track 5**

Time (1st child finished – last child finished): 5 – 15 minutes

  • Use a bigger square to allow more room for writing the verse.
  • Thicker yarn would be easier to glue.

Kids said:
“You can use it to memorize the verse.”
“Make sure the kids are careful with their string.”