Time to Start Thinking VBS 2013

Now that Labor Day is behind us and we Southerners have packed away our summer whites, it is officially time to start thinking VBS 2013! Of course, most of you reading this post are like me and have been thinking (dreaming, contemplating, planning) VBS 2013 since at least June 4!

There are two great opportunities to be one of the first to see, touch, and experience the fun of Colossal Coaster World.

The first is KMC (Kids Ministry Conference) at Ridgecrest, North Carolina, October 8-10.  Just click on KMC to learn more.

The second opportunity is at one of four VBS Preview locations in January and February. VBS Preview is your Fast Pass to Colossal Coaster World. You don’t want to miss it! Click on VBS Preview to learn more.

Hold on tight! This ride is ready for take off!


Wow! What an awesome response we have had to our challenge to find the best person to teach and lead music motions for our VBS 2013 Preview events! We have been amazed by the number of videos submitted, and overwhelmed by the number of people casting votes – first for the Fab Five, and then for the Final Two.

Both of the Final Two received such tremendous support we just could not leave one at home.

And the winner is…

Jennifer Moore of Murfreesboro, Tennessee,


Tammy Nall of Marietta, Georgia

We will be inviting Tammy to join us at Ridgecrest, North Carolina, January 10-12, and Kissimmee, Florida, February 8-9. We will be inviting Jennifer to join us at Fort Worth, Texas, January 17-19, and Nashville, Tennessee, January 31-February 1.

We are honored to have both ladies serving with us. In addition to teaching the Music in Motion breakout sessions, they will serve on the music team to lead motions, along with a group of CentriKid staffers, during the large group experiences.

I am also excited to announce that Dr. Shane Garrison, professor at Campbellsville University, Kentucky, and an outstanding band (can tell you who just yet) will be joining Jennifer and Tammy for the large group experiences.

Thanks to everyone who participated – both those who sent in videos and those who voted. It has been great fun!

From the Fab Five to Final Two!

Just when you thought the voting was over!!!

Last week’s vote resulted in two strong contenders for the title of motions leader for LifeWay’s VBS 2013 events. Our budget won’t allow us to take both ladies on tour, so we need you to help us choose between these two great VBS music leaders. The final result will be announced next Tuesday, August 21. I promise!  Click here to view the videos.

We’re Down to the Final Five!

Back on June 4, I asked anyone interested in being considered to lead music at our VBS 2013 events to submit a video of them leading music from VBS 2012. Mail started arriving almost instantly, and we have had a major challenge choosing five semi-finalist for YOUR consideration.

I want to thank each of you who responded. I wish we could choose all of you to travel with us to Preview events in North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. But alas, the budget will only allow for one.

Make sure to tune in next Tuesday, August 7, for your opportunity to view the final five and cast your vote. Until then – keep on singing!

VBS 2013 – Pictures in My Head

One of the cool things about my job is to see something on a LifeWay Bookstore shelf that was once just a picture in my head.

Check this out. Here’s a sketch of the idea for the New Testament covers for VBS 2013. It’s not the best drawing I’ve ever done but it doesn’t have to be. Scott Burroughs, my artist friend in Arvada, CO, sees pictures in his head too. He can make any ‘ole rooster scratches look good!

Below is what Scott sent back—clearly a much better sketch, still rough, but one that we can pass around for suggestions/changes to those editor types like Melita.

After any suggested changes are made and the editors and managers sign off on the skecth, it goes back to Scott for “final art”. When we get the final art back, we add titles, barcodes, LifeWay logos, etc, and send it off to the printer!

Soon, here’s what you’ll see in LifeWay Bookstores everywhere. You might even use one of these New Testaments to introduce a child to Christ—which is after all what it’s all about!BONUS! Below is a sketch of an idea for one of the VBS 2013 Visual Pack posters. The idea for the posters, and many of our graphics this year, is put the viewer, that’s you, IN the park—to see Colossal Coaster World as if you were actually there. Ummm, it’s the back of a carousel horse. Again, not my best drawing ever but you get the idea.

Another artist friend of ours, Geoffrey Brittingham (who does a ton of VBS art) sent back the following sketch. See! It is a horse!

…and then the final art!

Well, almost final. The people aren’t done and we’re gonna put some shine on that hand rail, add the words, etc… but for the most there’s your “finished art”!


BONUS 2! My son Evan and I just back from a trip out west where I actually got to meet Scott Burroughs, his wife Chrysti and their great/fun/cool kids Max and Ti. Scott and I have worked together for over 7 years now, sweating through some tough deadlines and praying through some tough person stuff. This is first time we’ve met face to face. It was a very cool!

Scott Burroughs at his desk in his new house. (boxes are cropped out!) That is some actual VBS 2013 art on his screen!

Playing angry robots by one of Scott’s super fun robot paintings!

What Scott really does when he says he’s working on VBS art! That’s Ti – their youngest – a real live miracle kid. Just so you know, God is good!!!

Get Your Way Paid to ALL 4 VBS Previews

Love to travel with all expenses paid by someone else? Love to teach VBS music and motions? Ever think about being on LifeWay’s VBS Preview team? Think you just might enjoy spending a month with some of the most fun people on the face of the earth, AND traveling to cool places like North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida?

Well, have I got an opportunity for you!

We are looking for an awesome person with the following qualifications:

  • A dynamic relationship with Christ and a desire to worship Him!
  • A servant’s heart!
  • A passion for VBS!
  • An ability to sing!
  • An ability to get others to sing!
  • An ability to perform song motions!
  • An ability to teach others to perform song motions!
  • An ability to sing AND perform song motions at the same time!
  • An ability to get others to sing AND do song motions at the same time!
  • The ability to travel for four weeks/weekends in January/February 2013!

If these qualifications sound like you then you just might be the person we are looking for to teach the music and motions to our great VBS songs to the 5,000 or so people who will be attending VBS Preview.

Still interested?

Here is what you need to do:

  • Be available to travel on the following dates: January 9-12, January 16-19, January 30-February 1, February 7-9.**********
  • Learn the music and motions to Amazing Wonders Aviation.
  • Lead a group of kids and adults to do the same.
  • Have a friend video you doing the above.
  • Send the video to me (Jerry Wooley, MSN 182, One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, Tennessee, 37234) by Monday, July 2, 2012.

Then what happens?

  • I, and some of my most trusted friends, will watch each and every video submitted.
  • We will choose our favorites.
  • A few more trusted friends will be asked to watch the favorites.
  • They will choose the cream of the crop.
  • The cream of the crop will be posted on this blog.
  • Blog viewers will be asked to vote for their favorite.
  • Votes will be counted.
  • The winner will be announced in August.

Still interested? Start learning those motions!

**********Please do not submit a video if you will not be available to travel all four weeks.