Foto Friday. . .VBS Logos! ! !

Hi everyone! It’s your fun-loving VBS graphic designer (who happens to love numbers as well. . .I know, I’m weird) and it’s that time of the week. . .Foto Friday!!! Why do I bring up the, “I love numbers” thing? I’m glad you asked! As Carol has stated in her “VBS By the Numbers” post, I like to check the number of views my blog posts receive and I’ve realized that my “Clip Art” post has had a lot of views! I also field a lot of calls, emails, etc about people wanting the past VBS logos.

So, I decided this week will be the VBS logos from 1997 (Good New Stampede) to 2012 (Amazing Wonders Aviation)! By the way, I have worked on every single one except Good News Stampede! My first day at LifeWay was the very first day of writer’s conference for StarQuest.


1997's Good News Stampede

1998's StarQuest

1999 Mt. Extreme


2000's Ocean Odyssey


2001's Truth Trackers


2002's Amazon Outfitters


2003's Kingdom Capers


2004's Rickshaw Rally


2005' Ramblin' Road Trip


2006's Arctic Edge


2007's Game Day Central


2008's Outrigger Island


2009's Boomerang Express


2010's Saddle Ridge Ranch


2011's Big Apple Adventure


2012's Amazing Wonders Aviation

Can’t get it out of my head. . .

So while I was driving to work this morning, all of a sudden I found myself singing “We Believe” from Ramblin’ Road Trip. Out of the blue that was the song that came into my head! Out of all of the VBS themes that I’ve been involved in (I started working on VBS at LifeWay in 2003, but did VBS in my church for years before that) that is the song that I can identify as my favorite VBS song.  What’s your favorite VBS song? Which one is the one that you can’t get out of your head? Are they the same?? There are a couple of songs from VBS 2010 (which you guys will hear very soon) that I can’t get out of my head!

Big kudos to Jeff Slaughter for writing the songs that make the whole (VBS) world sing :)

Enter the VBS 2008 Photo Contest

Facts & Trends Online is inviting churches and individuals to submit photos for the 2008 VBS Photo Contest. This year, you get to help select the winning photo! But first things first, we need your submissions.

E-mail your best VBS 2008 shots to Facts& by Friday, Aug. 1. Submissions received after this deadline or that do not meet the following criteria will not be eligible for the contest. Criteria are:

* 300 dpi
* JPEG format
* Sent as an attachment to the email, not embedded in the email
* No more than three photos per church
* Must include church name, city and state
* Must include at least one child in the photo
* Must feature one of the 2008 LifeWay VBS themes – Outrigger Island or Cactus Canyon

Facts & Trends Online staff will narrow the submissions to the top 30 photos, but you will determine the ultimate winner.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 4, visit Facts & Trends Online every Monday throughout the month to vote for your favorite photo for that week. During the first week of September, Facts & Trends Online will feature the winning photo from each week’s contest. Your votes during that week will decide the Grand Prize winner!

The winning photo will be featured in Facts & Trends magazine and the church will receive a 2009 VBS Sampler Kit.

Remember, deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 1, and all photos must fulfill the contest criteria.

Please note: Because photos will post online, the church must notify parents or legal guardians of minors photographed to ensure consent before submitting photos.

NOTE #2: Please send your photos as ATTACHMENTS. Do not embed them in the email. Photos that are embedded in the email cannot be used.

Good Luck!

Oops! VBS 2008 Clip Art – Decorating Made Easy book

Oops! – Some of you are having trouble using the JPG clip art from the Decorating Made Easy book in applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. We’ve discovered that the JPG clip art files were saved differently this year (the graphic designers explained the problem to me, but I won’t try to repeat it – it’s all techno mumbo jumbo to me!!) which is why the clip art isn’t working like it has before. All that to say, we are putting the JPG clip art files from the Decorating Made Easy book up on our website in a format that should work like they have in prior years.

The clip art that is saved as other file types (EPS, PDF) on the CD in the Decorating Made Easy book are the same as before. PDFs will work with Microsoft Office, but you really need a graphics program (like photoshop or illustrator) to work with EPS files.

Here is a link to download the updated files.

Another way to fix these files so that they will work with Microsoft Word and Publisher is to open the clip art that you want to use in Paint (the graphic program that comes standard on most PCs) and then re-save it as a .PNG file. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files are compatible with Microsoft Office.

So sorry for the mix-up – this won’t be a problem in future years!