Decorating Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef

This year, VBS crafts will take place in the colorful Great Barrier Reef. You may remember that the Great Barrier Reef was also a location during LifeWay’s Boomerang Express VBS. Check your storage closets to see if there is something stashed away that can be repurposed.

These tips will give you some ideas for creating your own fun environment for craft time.

Tip #1: Use lots of color. From the fish to the coral, the Great Barrier Reef is full of color. Be generous in your application of color as you decorate your craft area.

Tip #2: Make three-dimensional coral out of Styrofoam®. Cut out a basic shape and save your scraps. Then, glue the scraps onto the base shape to create a fun, free-form coral that you can paint any color you like.

Tip #3: Raid your local craft store. Watch the sale flyers. You can find several things at your local craft store to add to your reef environment—reeds, tulle, and clear plastic ornaments—to name a few. Paint the reeds bright colors and stick them into the Styrofoam®. You can also add a little life to your craft room by printing out a few colorful fish from the Decorating Made Easy Clip Art CD-ROM, and attaching them to dowel rods so the fish can “swim” among the coral and reeds. Use tulle to give your room even more of an underwater feel. It’s inexpensive and easy to hang.

Tip #4: Collect clear plastic ornaments. These make awesome bubbles. Simply hang them with fishing line. With Christmas right around the corner, be looking for opportunities to stock up.

Tip #5: Create a treasure trunk. Find an old trunk or suitcase and adhere an Amazing Wonders Aviation logo to the front. You may want to keep the trunk closed, or you can fill it with craft supplies or treats for your kids.

I hope these decorating tips will get you swimming with ideas. Your kids are really going to love creating crafts under the sea while they learn all about our amazing God!

Be sure to check out the Decorating Tips with Melita video for further details about how we created Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef.

Coordinates for the Great Barrier Reef— 18˚ 34’4″S 148˚ 33’19″E

Decorating Missions

Missions Under the Northern Lights

Are you leading a missions rotation this year and drawing a blank on how to decorate your room for Missions Under the Northern Lights? Well, it’s a good thing for the Decorating Made Easy with Clip Art CD. This handy book includes step-by-step instructions to help you create an environment like the one you see here:

Decorating Made Easy is also filled with tons of other ideas in case you want to do simple and quick decorations.

Use these tips to get your decorating juices flowing:

Tip #1: Save artificial Christmas greenery. Your church may have a large supply of artificial greenery for use during the Christmas season. Undecorated Christmas trees will make a fabulous woodland forest. Ask other VBS leaders and church members if they are willing to bring you their artificial tree for use during the week of VBS. And watch for those after-Christmas sales.

Tip #2: Light up the night with Christmas lights. Hang Christmas lights and shimmering fabric from the ceiling to create an “under the stars” feeling in your missions room.

Tip #3: Super-size it. New this year is a Super Duper Size Backdrop that gives you instant “wow!” It features all six natural wonders, so you can use them together as a giant mural, or you can separate them.

Tip #4: Cover the ground. If kids are going to be sitting under the Northern Lights, make sure they’re comfortable by covering the floor with artificial turf.

Your kids are going to have a great time learning all about missions this summer during Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS!

Check out the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” clip.

Coordinates for Yellowknife— 62˚ 27’16.8624″N 114˚ 22′ 35.295″W

Note: Although the Northern Lights can be seen from many places in the world, Yellowknife a Northwest Territory of Canada is known as the aurora tourism capital.

Decorating Your Snack Rotation

Snacks at a volcano? That’s right. But don’t worry, this volcano won’t spew. It’s the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico, and it’s one of the natural wonders of the world.

Try these decorating tips to get your lava flowing.

Tip #1: The Decorating Made Easy with Clip Art CD contains clip art of church ruins that you can use to enhance your snack area. Simply use an overhead projector to trace the clip art onto insulation foam. Remember to draw out the lines on top of the plastic sheathing, then cut the foam, then remove the plastic sheathing before painting. Put a base coat of paint on the foam and don’t use spray paint on the foam.

Tip #2: Use two-inch insulation foam to create the volcano. Create ridges in the foam with a hacksaw or heat knife. Paint the foam and hold it together with T-pins and duct tape. No hammer or nails needed!

Tip #3: Go the extra mile for the “wow” factor. Adding a smoke machine behind your volcano really makes it come to life!

Tip #4: Protect your tables with the VBS 2012 Tablecloths.

Tip #5: Other accessories that will make your snack area fun include the VBS 2012 String Flags, VBS 2012 Whirleys, VBS 2012 Quick Scene™ Visual Pack, VBS 2012 Inflatable Airplane, and the VBS 2012 Quick Scene™ Super Duper Sized Backdrop.

Check them out! And be sure to watch the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” clip.

Coordinates for the Paricutin Volcano— 19˚ 29’34.8″N 102˚ 15’3.6″W

Decorating Recreation at the Grand Canyon!

Recreation is more fun with the Grand Canyon as your playground. Even if you utilize an outdoor area for your recreation time, you can apply these decorating ideas to hallways and entrances in your church.

If you want to make something that looks like this . . .

. . . complete instructions are found in the Decorating Made Easy book.

Tip #1: Two-inch Styrofoam® makes a great canyon. It’s affordable. It’s easy to work with, and it’s easy to paint. Be sure to use wall paint rather than spray paint. You’ll want to put a base coat of paint on the foam because it does tend to absorb the paint.

Tip #2: Get a jigsaw. We use a lot of two-inch thick foam to create cool things for VBS. While a jigsaw is not necessary, it does make cutting the foam much easier.

Tip #3: Use the diagrams provided in the Decorating Made Easy book. Melita has already gone through the trial and error of sketching the canyon art onto the large foam sheets. She’s made the diagrams to scale so it will be easy for you.

Tip #4: Leave the plastic sheathing on the foam for drawing your outlines and cutting. Remove it for painting—or your paint won’t dry!

Tip #5: Keep it fun and keep it simple! Hang a few VBS 2012 Inflatable Airplanes through the hallway on the way to your recreation area. The VBS 2012 Quick Scene™ Amazing Wonders Super Duper Sized Backdrop is also an affordable and easy option to add some fun to your recreation areas.

Watch the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” clip for even more details on how to make your own Grand Canyon!

Coordinates for the Grand Canyon— 36˚ 03’19″N 112˚07’19″W

The Worship Rally Hangar

Welcome to the Worship Rally Hangar!

Worship Rally Hangar

Worship Rally is more than just the gathering place to start your VBS day, it’s the launching point for kids as they are introduced to the Bible content each day. These decorating tips can help you set the stage for your own Worship Rally Hangar.

Tip #1: Ask for help. It takes a lot of work to pull off a set up like this one. So gather some friends to help you.

Tip #2: Find the dimensions, supply list, and step-by-step instructions to replicate the Worship Rally Hangar in the Decorating Made Easy book.

Tip #3: Insulation board is your friend. It’s inexpensive and easy to work with. You can remove the plastic sheathing and paint it. You can use T-pins and duct tape to hold pieces together, and to affix accessories. In fact, that’s how we attached the real door pulls to our hangar.

Tip #4: Collect cardboard boxes. You can cut up some insulation foam and attach it to the outside of a cardboard box to make a real-looking wooden crate. Use paint to add some color and texture to the foam so it looks like wood. If you feel like having even more fun, use a heat tool to make grooves in the foam and then paint the grooves with a darker color paint.

Tip #5: Clean out the garage. Bring in tool boxes, barrels, crates, anything that looks like it might belong in an airplane hangar. Add an AWA logo—you’ll find it on the Decorating Made Easy Clip Art CDand you’re done!

Our airplane is made out of two-inch Styrofoam® and insulation board. You can find details for making your own in the Decorating Made Easy book, and hear more from Melita about how we made ours in our “Amazing Decorating Tips” video. Take a peek!

Decorating Music at the Matterhorn

Music at the Matterhorn

Bringing the majesty of the Matterhorn to your music rotation is more than possible. It’s downright easy when you follow the step-by-step instructions in the Decorating Made Easy book. Is it much work to create a monumental mountain like this? Yes, it is work. So don’t go at it alone. While you’re pondering how monumental to make your room decorations, perhaps these tips will help you with ideation.

Tip #1: The cover of your Music Rotation Leader Guide is great inspiration. You can use it to draw an outline of your own mountain and sky, and it will give you ideas for colors.

Tip #2: Decorate with the VBS 2012 Quick Scene Visual Pack Posters. Eight posters come in the pack, and one of them features the Matterhorn!

Tip #3: Don’t put those artificial trees back in the attic after Christmas! You’ll need them in a few months for VBS. Church members may be willing to loan their artificial trees for use, or you might find some really good sales after Christmas. Artificial trees are a great way to fill space and add atmosphere to your music room.

Tip #4: Accessorize. There are lots of ways enhance your room with accessories. Try hanging a silhouette of an airplane, or hang a few of the VBS 2012 Inflatable Airplanes. The VBS 2012 String Flags are also fun to hang. Add a VBS 2012 Soaring Stand Up to your room. Not only is it a fun room decoration, it doubles as a photo booth! Kids will want to pose for a photo with a friend as they fly over the Matterhorn.

With all these resources, creating an environment for your music rotation that excites kids will be a breeze!

Coordinates for the Matterhorn— 45˚ 58’35″N 7˚39’30″E

Decorating Bible Study at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a series of massive waterfalls and is one of the natural wonders of the world. It can look really great in your church! Find step-by-step instructions in the Decorating Made Easy book on how to make your own version that looks like this.

Bible Study at Victoria Falls

It’s easy!

Tip #1: Everything is built out of two-inch Styrofoam®, available at your local hardware store. A jigsaw or hacksaw will make cutting the foam easier, but you can use a utility knife if the blade is long enough.

Tip #2: Make rocks: Cut Styrofoam into shaped pieces, rough up the edges, and glue the pieces together. A heat gun isn’t necessary, but it makes a really nice rough edge, and it’s fun to use. Top the foam with brown paint.

Tip #3: Hold it all together with bamboo skewers, PVC pipe, and duct tape. That’s right! No hammer or nails required.

Tip #4: Create the waterfalls by draping bed sheets over PVC pipe.

You can also view a clip we did with Melita where she gives us a closer look at how this fun environment was created.

I hope this inspires you with ideas and helps you to see how easy it can be to create a fun Bible study environment. Kids are going to be excited to learn about the God’s Word—right in the middle of Victoria Falls!

View the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” for even more details on how we created this fun environment.

Coordinates for Victoria Falls— 17˚ 55’28″S 25˚51’24″E