Geek of the Week: Megan Thomas!

Our Geek of the Week is Megan Thomas from Edwards Road Baptist Church!
We asked Megan a few questions about what makes her so geeky, and here’s what she had to say!
1. What is your role in VBS?  “Teacher/ sometimes music leader”
2. What was your “geekiest” moment?  “Oh golly, so many to choose from!  We start listening to the music as soon as we get it (Jan!!) and ride down the road doing the moves…I have gotten a pie in the face for a girls vs. boys missions contest,  had water dumped on me, and the list goes on and on!!”
3. What has been your favorite VBS theme?  “Honestly I don’t think I have one fave…I love all of them!!”
4. You might be a VBS geek if…  “You always say YES TO VBS!!  AND when you do 3 or 4 VBS’s [in one summer] and still want MORE!!!”
5. What makes you keep doing VBS?  “My love for Christ and wanting to share that with the children.  I love to see how excited they get going to the different stations, how they love to sing the songs and hearing them talk about what they heard.  Its all about the kids and more importantly, its all for HIS glory!”
Megan, thanks for using your gifts in order to serve Christ through the ministry of VBS!  We get so excited when we find people like YOU who are so excited about Vacation Bible School!
Megan will be receiving a special “Geek of the Week” shirt to wear so that everyone knows just how GEEKY she is!
Today on the Kids Ministry 101 blog, “Where Should They Worship?”

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