Amusement Mark Shares Some GREAT Colossal Coaster World Decorating Tips!

Already brainstorming how to decorate for 2013?  Join Amusement Mark as he shows you some tips and tricks on how to turn your church into Colossal Coaster World!

17 thoughts on “Amusement Mark Shares Some GREAT Colossal Coaster World Decorating Tips!

  1. Are you going to have a “quick scene” for the bible study (like you did for Big Apple Adventure)? I was alittle disappointed this year, because you didn’t have one of Victoria Falls by itself. Having the quick scenes makes it eaiser to decorate and leave more room for the kids. This year I had 4 kind. the first night. The next night I had 10. The last 3 nights I had about 7 – 8. Our room was about a 12 x 12. So room is important.

  2. I loved the way you did the backdrops this year. I also loved the Bible Study Rotation back drop. i think it would be neet to have 3 back drops if possable next year. . One of course for the Worship Rotation, one for the Bible Study Rotation and continue to do the rest of the Rotations like you did this year. That was great and so is Life way. We had over 150 pertisapate this year counting kids and Adult helpers. When we finish we give the decoration to a smaller church in the area. God’s word gets spread around and around. Thanks for all you do

  3. What about ideas for the missions rotation. I am sad to say this area is where the local association and lifeway is the weakest in promoting, and in my opinion one of the most important. Help! with decorations please.

  4. I’m looking for decorating ideas for the Mission Rotation for 2013. Based on the comments for 2012, I hope that you will share ideas for this important rotation this year.

  5. I’m not finding directions for making the swings for the worship rally area. They are not in the Decorating Made Easy book or on the DVD. Can someone tell me where I can find them. Thank you.

  6. I need help. How do you make the moving star for the Colossal Coaster World decoration? You tube video? Im not finding instructions?

  7. I have to agree with the ladies above. The Missions rotation is the weakest link and should be as important as Bible Study and Music Rotations. Look how much emphasis is put on Snacks and Recreation.

  8. I agree as well. I am 18 years old, and took over the Missions rotation in my church so it could stay alive. Each year i have to fight for my 15 minutes. Why are we all called to be missionaries but yet missions get pushed to the side. Missions in my opinion is as important as everything else. Thanks!

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