Foto Friday…More Clip Art?

Do be do be do. . .what to do. . .for the blog today? I know. . .CLIP ART! I have fielded a few requests and heard from other people on the VBS team that the below posted clip art has been requested without the location signs on it. Well, I finally had time to “fix” the artwork (remove the logos) and decided to post it on today’s Foto Friday! Yea!

As usual, I’ll post a PNG and a JPG of the artwork. I hope you all have a blessed day!

Here’s the JPG.

And here’s the PNG.

5 thoughts on “Foto Friday…More Clip Art?

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  2. Do you have any clip art in black and white. It would be good for kids to color and geared up for vbs. Then we can hang them in the church so they feel involved with the process

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