AWA Accessories

Hey guys! VBS Previews are great for many reasons—the biggest one is the people. Besides getting to see old friends and making new ones, I’m always impressed by the “amazing” enthusiasm preview folks have for VBS! It’s great to hear stories about last summer’s VBS, and talk about your plans for the coming year. It’s difficult to put into words exactly how that “fires me up”!

Check out a couple of my new friends who take their enthusiasm beyond what they say to what they wear!

Andrew created a flight helmet (sorry no photo) and this “amazing” jacket!

Andrew painted the AWA logo on the back of his leather jacket! Awesome!

Here’s Paula Royal wearing some of her “amazing” creations…

Paula's cool black vest with embroidered AWA logo

Here's the front!

Paula's embroidered jacket! Note the embroidered pant leg!

Here's the back of the other pant leg—with scripture reference—a conversation starter "fer shur"!

Do any of you have VBS accessory photos you’d like to send? I know a couple of you do: Becky Mitchell—send us a photo of your awesome knit pilot’s cap! …and Christy Law—send us some shots of your VBS ear rings. (Christy makes ear rings out of some of our promo items every year! Deb Muller too!)

Again, send in those photos!

Grace and peace,


10 thoughts on “AWA Accessories

  1. Is there anyway to get some of the I love VBS lanyards like we had at Preview?

  2. I’m not too savvy on how the embroidery machines work. Paula used our clip art for the embroidery designs – the logo and the plane.

  3. Hey Charlene and FBC Palmetto! I talked to Allen Smith just a few days ago! About the digitized clip art for the embroidery, Paul used our clip art off the CD to make her designs. She’s got some kind of embroidery machine. I don’t really understand the process. I’ll send her an email and ask her to explain the process.

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  5. Hello, This is my first year as a V.B.S coordinator and this blog site has been a great help to me. I love all the ideas that everyone has given. Thanks again!!!!

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