VBS for LifeWay Kids Publishing Team

For the past two months during our Kids Ministry Publishing meetings, we have been sharing the products we edit with our department. So many times we get bogged down in the day-to-day work of our specific product, and don’t get to see what else is being produced by other teams.This month it was time for the VBS team to share a preview of VBS 2012. We had a lot of fun. We started with a Worship Rally, complete with the theme song and motions! Then we had our coworkers rotate to crafts, rec, and a preschool rotation. We shared a snack, watched a missions video, and ended with “Yes to VBS!” in Spanish! It was so fun to share what we do with those we work with. Enjoy our photos!

Everyone received a boarding pass when they came in to know which rotation to go to!

We began with a little fun with the Giant Inflatable Globe!

Time for the theme song!

Melita presenting the Bible story information!

The craft rotation, making Bobble Airplanes from the craft pack!

Time for some Rec fun!

Preschool Rotation fun!

Fun is over, and now it’s time to deflate the globes!

One thought on “VBS for LifeWay Kids Publishing Team

  1. Ha, ha, love the ending. I know everyone had a great time. Too bad you didn’t have some cute airplane cookies to share. :)
    BTW-thanks for last Friday’s VBS blog with the collection of clip art posts. So so helpful. Kudos to whoever thought of that one.

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