Foto Friday. . .Geek of the Week Photos

HI everyone, it’s Keith again! Have you been enjoying our “Geek of the Week” feature? It has been a lot of fun to read and a lot of fun getting to know our VBS geeks, fanactics, groupies. You all amaze us with your enthusiasm, your creativity, excitement and love for all things VBS and how it impacts children’s lives. . .and adult’s lives too!

Be sure to click on the “VBS Geek of the Week” logo above to nominate someone or yourself!

Here are a few samples of our VBS Geeks of the Week!

Hye-Jung Yun (PJ)

Charles Williams

Venita LaGrassa & Susan DeLong

These are just a few of our VBS Geeks. But I wanted to let you see all of us in our VBS Geeks of the Week t-shirt!

Here's our "serious/natural" pose. . .can you guess which one is me (Keith)? :P

They had NO ideal I was posing like this until the photographer told them. Busted! lol!

Fun pose!

The photo I wanted to show you next needs a little explaining. We wanted to do a huddle type photo like the one below. . .

. . .but, the photo never really worked. . .maybe because we were having too much fun or we were just not organized enough or it might have been because I was in the photo (lol!). Here’s the photo!

Of course, it might have something to do with me taking a photo of our photographer, Meredith, while she is trying to take a photo of us! :P

We definitely have fun working on VBS!


2 thoughts on “Foto Friday. . .Geek of the Week Photos

  1. How fun! I am honored to be a part of such a fantastic, fun and devoted group of people! Looking forward to meeting fellow Geeks in Kissimmee!

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