Ministering to Families in Crises

Pick up a newspaper (remember those rolled up pieces of paper that would mysteriously appear on your drive during the night?) or turn on the evening news and you will most certainly encounter a world in crisis. Families and communities are in crises. The nation is juggling an escalating number of crises – both financially and politically – and just about every country on the globe is experiencing some form of seam-splitting emergency.

Thank goodness the church is a haven of tranquility and a crisis-free zone! Oh if it were only true. The pews would not begin to hold the crises refugees. Thankfully the church is a place were many people find shelter, peace, direction, and comfort during a crisis, but as we all know people in the pews experience a multitude of crises just like the population as a whole. Children’s ministry leaders do not escape the impact of crises, in fact they are often on the front line of ministering to families facing a wide range of crises from illness, to financial, to death and divorce.

During tomorrow’s Kids Ministry 101 show four individuals will share not only how their families have been impacted by the weight of crises, but how the church could have best ministered to them and their children during these challenging times.

On tomorrow’s show Matt Weston talks about re-directing life and ministry in the face of shattered dreams. Todd and Angie Smith share their story of losing a child at birth, and Michael Kelley shares his family’s journey with Leukemia.

Be sure to tune in at 10:00 a.m. (CST) by going to

If you are unable to watch at 10:00 a.m. who can log on later in the day and click on the archived version.

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