EXPO Foam Plane

It has definitely been busy here lately. The VBS team has just finished our 4th event (Nashville Previews)! We have met a lot of fun people and taken a lot of photos!

Our airplane photos have been a LOT of fun! You can see them at our VBS Facebook page. Below are the specific links to each event:

1. Ridgecrest Preview

2. Ft. Worth Preview

3. Nashville’s 2 Previews

We have received a LOT of requests for the instructions for the foam plane we used. The foam plane was created the night before we left for the Ridgecrest Preview by Pam, so that means it is not in the Decorating Made Easy book or any other location! Until now! See below! w00t!

The foam air plane was created out of . . . foam! lol! In fact, here are the materials needed.

  1. Foam insulation board (1/2 inch thick will work)
  2. Sheets of yellow craft foam (2)
  3. Yellow foam can koozie
  4. Red interior house paint (latex) or Acrylic craft paint
  5. Yellow Acrylic craft paint
  6. Yellow duct tape
  7. Wooden finial
  8. Screw (1)
  9. Wooden buttons
  10. Black spray paint
  11. VBS 2012 Quick Scene Wall Art (for the AWA logo)

Here is the template.

The main body of our airplane measured 6ft in length.

Remove the plastic sheeting from the foam insulation board. Copy the template onto the foam. Then using an x-acto knife, cut out the air plane.

Paint the main body, wing and back wing red.

Paint the propeller yellow.

Spray paint the wooden buttons black.

Paint the wooden finial red.

Use the yellow duct tape to create stripes on the main wing and on the body of the aircraft.

Glue the black wooden buttons to the main body.

Cut a circle out of the yellow craft foam and glue it to the center of the propeller.

Cut two slits into the yellow koozie and glue the koozie to the back (opposite the yellow craft foam circle) of the propeller.

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the wooden finial. Then attach the wooden finial to the propeller (foam circle side) by inserting the screw through the koozie and the propeller and screwing into the bottom of the wooden finial.

Then insert the wing into the main body and the back wing onto the back of the main body. Insert the propeller housing onto the front of the main body.

Decorate your plane with the AWA logo from the VBS 2012 Quick Scene Wall Art. We  also cut a star out of the yellow craft foam and attached it to the back wing.

Lastly, we took our pictures in front of the VBS 2012 Quick Scene Super Duper Sized Backdrop.

Hope this helps!

17 thoughts on “EXPO Foam Plane

  1. Thanks for the directions, but where else could we look to find our picture from the event?

  2. Our team loved this at Fort Worth. Thank you for the pattern and instructions. We will use this in our clinics and in as many churches as possible during VBS. It is a great idea!

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  4. Lisa, I was talking with the graphic designer who was taking the photos and she said some of the photos did not post onto FB. She is checking into this. ;)

  5. I can’t wait to make the plane! What kind of glue did you use on the foam?

  6. hi Anna, I’m so sorry. I TOTALLY forgot to put that in the instructions! I’m such a goof! :)

    We used foam adhesive that we bought at Lowes. The adhesive is used with a caulk gun.

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  8. Thanks for the instructions! The plane is really cool. If you ever need any foam supplies or need foam specifically cut to shapes and sizes for future projects the company I work for can supply and cut to precise shapes and sizes taking a lot of the time consuming hand cutting out of the project. Visit our website at http://www.reillyfoam.com I look forward to seeing future projects!

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