Egg Crate Airplane

If you’ve had the opportunity to come to a VBS Preview you know there are tons of great ideas around every corner, but what you may not know is that you can take all of those ideas home. If you weren’t able to come to Preview event this year, don’t worry see below for how you too can get your hands on these great video ideas.


Meet Adlin Cotto … she’s got a really cool fleet of airplanes made from egg cartons.  These airplanes are used in the VBS Espanol curriculum, but could be great for games and activities in your VBS classroom, no matter the age group.


Adlin presented the VBS Espanol sessions at the VBS Preview this year at Ridgecrest.  In this video segment, Adlin shares a couple of great ways to use VBS Espanol, even if you aren’t currently ministering to a Spanish-speaking congregation.



Want more videos like these? These videos were created at the Ridgecrest VBS Preview flash drive.  Attendees at the VBS Previews could purchase the flash drive, but you can order one too by emailing the folks who put it together at   To see more specifics about what is included on the flash drive, check out this video that was used to promote the flash drives at the Previews. The cost is $20 + $5 shipping.
This guest blog is written by Jeremy Echols who normally spends time preparing for CentriKid Camps and writing for

2 thoughts on “Egg Crate Airplane

  1. Does anyone have craft ideas that actually go with the different places we are visiting each day, that also go with the bibile lesson for the day that are not airplane related?

  2. I saw an interesting craft using jars and glow in the dark paint. Great craft for northern lights.

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