Highlights from Ft. Worth

We just finished another exciting Preview Event in Ft. Worth. The staff at Travis Avenue Baptist Church was awesome. They went well above the call of duty to unload our truck when it arrived and bring everything in out of the rain.

There was another VBS Geek of the Week sighting. This time we were honored to have PJ with us all the way from South Korea.

Notice anything wrong in this picture?

And then here’s Keith bullying the bull on the wall of one of the restaurants we ate at. I am not sure who won the “Stare Down,” but I think Keith is giving him a run for his money!

Last but not least, a big congratulations goes out to Teresa Brown. Teresa’s name was drawn as the winner of a VBS 2012 Quick Scene™ Super Duper Sized Backdrop.

We still have two more events on the calendar—one in Nashville, and one in Orlando. So if you haven’t registered, don’t miss out. Make plans to join us for these exciting events.




5 thoughts on “Highlights from Ft. Worth

  1. Is it Teresa Brown from Oklahoma! If so it is me and how will I get my backdrop. I’m so excited……I can’t wait to use it. This was my first conference and it was amazing. I’m ready for VBS 2012

  2. Yes, it is you! Congratulations! We will mail it directly to the address you listed on your “Flight Log.” Hopefully, we will have it out to you by the end of January or first of February.

    So glad you came to the Preview and enjoyed it.

  3. Teresa,
    I checked with Jerry Wooley and he said they should be arriving anyway now. He ordered them last week. Sorry for the delay.

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