Top 11 Posts of 2011

Let me state from the start, it’s hard to pick 11 favorite posts from this year. So rather than leaving it up to me, I picked 11 posts that you all seemed to love.

VBS 2012 Theme Reveal Video

Representing all the posts from reveal week, the Amazing Wonders Aviation theme reveal video with all the clues explained! 

VBS Geek of the Week

We started a new feature here on the blog starring … YOU! You can always nominate a VBS Geek of the Week in the comments on that page!

Jeff Slaughter – A VBS Legend!

There’s just one more day to send in your memories to help us celebrate Jeff!

Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS. How am I going to decorate? 

A great place to start thinking your Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS decorations!

It’s Time to Think Dollars & Cents

A great reminder on how to think about VBS when your in your planning your yearly budget!

Name that Tune

Candace gave us all a fun challenge with these VBS song clips. Are you up for the challenge? See if you can name that tune!

VBS Around the World

Joyce shares the story of Pantai Baptist Church in Malaysia’s VBS.

Foto Friday … Times Square Ball

We all loved this post, and I bet many of you made your very own Time Square Ball. With New Year’s Day right around the corner, why not break yours out?

Connecting Faith and Life – Beth Yates and First Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa

Debbie shares with us an amazing story of how several churches in Tuscaloosa took VBS to the areas of Tuscaloosa hit by the tornado this spring.

Recording Sessions . . . and Cinnamon Rolls!

Lynne give us an inside look at the Amazing Wonders Aviation recording session!

All God’s Creatures Great and Small

Jerry introduces us all to Andrew Mann and Proof, who I’m sure you all love now!


Thank you for visiting the VBS blog this year!


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