Forty years ago or so. . .

Hi everyone! I know, I know, it’s not Friday but I wanted to slip in a quick blog post today about one of my team members, Joyce Frazier!

Joyce just celebrated her 40th year at LifeWay! Forty years ago was 1971. . .do you remember 1971? Nope, I don’t . . . I was born in 1971! heh heh ! ! ! (actually, she started in 1968 but I don’t think they had invented counting back then :D . . .or she didn’t officially start until 1971).

When I was in the Youth group at my church, I went through a program called, DiscipleYouth I. Joyce is listed as one of the team members that worked on that program! :D I like to tease her occasionally about that! (so, she might be indirectly responsible on how I act!) Ah ha ha ! ! ! just kidding!

Here are some other interesting facts from 1971!

  • Average Income: $10,600
  • Movie Ticket: $1.5
  • Gallon of Gas 40 cents
  • Voting age lowered to 18.
  • Walt Disney World opens in Florida.
  • Federal Express is started by Fred Smith.
  • NPR begins broadcasting.
  • Texas Instruments releases first pocket calculator.
  • First cat scanner produced.
  • Apollo 14 lands on the moon.
  • First soft contact lens becomes available commercially.
  • ABC cancels the Lawrence Welk Show.
  • Masterpiece Theatre debuts on PBS.
  • CBS airs first episode of All in the Family.
  • Sonny & Cher Comedy hour premieres.
  • First class postage stamp: 6 and 8 cents
  • Best Motion Picture: The French Connection
  • Record of the Year: “It’s Too Late” by Carole King
  • Album of the Year: “Tapestry” by Carole King
  • Song of the Year: “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King
  • John Lennon has hit song “Imagine”
  • Rolling Stones have the hit single “Brown Sugar”
  • Rod Stewart has a the hit single “Maggie May”
Joyce & Gordon

Joyce & Gordon. Joyce once made chili (it was very good) and Gordon teased her it was Hormel chili! (it wasn't, by the way)

Thank you Joyce for your service to the Lord and all that you do for all the boys and girls! And the Hormel Chili! lol!

3 thoughts on “Forty years ago or so. . .

  1. Joyce,
    Congratulations on 40 years with Lifeway and bless you for your service to the Lord.
    Marcia Gravatt
    Mt. Gilead Baptist Church
    Cedar Grove TN

  2. Thank you, Marcia. And thank you, Keith, for making me feel so old. (Ha!) You’ll be old one day, too.

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