VBS Geek of the Week – Ben Furr

I regularly check this post to see if there have been any new nominations for VBS Geek of the Week. I just loved the following nomination, and I had to pick Ben Furr for this week’s VBS Geek of the Week!

My VBS Geek is my husband. He serves in our home church as VBS Director, our Association as the VBS Director and on the South Carolina Baptist State VBS team for 2011 and again in 2012. He is involved in helping our Associational churches have a great VBS. He truly “Says Yes to VBS” all year long. His name is Ben Furr.

PS-He is also my husband, so I am Mrs. VBS Geek!!

Susan Furr

Thanks Susan for nominating your husband, or should I say Mrs. VBS Geek! I sent Ben an email, and here’s what I found out about this week’s Geek of the Week.

What has been your “geekiest” VBS moment?

I have had several.  The one that jumps out was during Outrigger Island, and I came to VBS with a pink Mohawk for crazy hair night! 

What is your favorite VBS theme to date?

I have enjoyed all of the VBS themes, but my favorite so far has been Game Day Central.

What makes you continue to do VBS year after year?

Being able to share the love of Jesus with the children and teens is the most important reason for VBS.  Also, I enjoy being able to come to VBS and just have fun with the kids and leaders.

How would you complete this sentence?

You might be a VBS Geek if …you starting looking for the announcement of next year’s theme before you have had VBS during the current year.

Will we see you at one of the VBS Previews?

I will be at the VBS Institue/Preview Event at Ridgecreston January 5th-7th, 2012 along with the South Carolina State Team.

Ben, Thank you for being a VBS Geek!

If you know of another VBS Geek you’d like to nominate, you can submit those here. Please make sure to leave contact information so we can follow up!

And if you’ve missed any of our other VBS Geek of the Weeks check them out here.

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