A lot of VBS fun at KMC!

Whew! It has been a fun week here in Nashville at the Kids Ministry Conference! There were so many fun moments, but I have to share some of the fun VBS happenings during the conference.

One of my favorite things was a VBS scavenger hunt we had around the building. It’s probably my favorite, because many times I was the one getting to hand out the prizes (Amazing Wonders Aviation Goggles) for completing the scavenger hunt.

We started off with 16 logos …

And then we hid them! Now, we were nice and we didn’t make anyone find all 16, just 5. Once they found 5 logos and took a picture, they received their very own Amazing Wonders Aviation Goggles! If you follow LifeWayVBS on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve already seen some of these pictures …

Also, I had to share this video of some of the VBS Music Pre-Conference attendees randomly breaking out in song before one of the main sessions with Jeff Slaughter.

Were you at KMC this year? What was your favorite VBS moment?

3 thoughts on “A lot of VBS fun at KMC!

  1. Wow Courtney — I’m catching my breath from all of the wonderful sessions and conversations. Head is jammed with so many new friends in ministry and ideas. Kudos to the KMC team.

  2. I loved being pinned at Jerry’s preview and I can officially fly to see God’s Amazing Wonders!

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