Foto Friday. . .VBS Logos! ! !

Hi everyone! It’s your fun-loving VBS graphic designer (who happens to love numbers as well. . .I know, I’m weird) and it’s that time of the week. . .Foto Friday!!! Why do I bring up the, “I love numbers” thing? I’m glad you asked! As Carol has stated in her “VBS By the Numbers” post, I like to check the number of views my blog posts receive and I’ve realized that my “Clip Art” post has had a lot of views! I also field a lot of calls, emails, etc about people wanting the past VBS logos.

So, I decided this week will be the VBS logos from 1997 (Good New Stampede) to 2012 (Amazing Wonders Aviation)! By the way, I have worked on every single one except Good News Stampede! My first day at LifeWay was the very first day of writer’s conference for StarQuest.


1997's Good News Stampede

1998's StarQuest

1999 Mt. Extreme


2000's Ocean Odyssey


2001's Truth Trackers


2002's Amazon Outfitters


2003's Kingdom Capers


2004's Rickshaw Rally


2005' Ramblin' Road Trip


2006's Arctic Edge


2007's Game Day Central


2008's Outrigger Island


2009's Boomerang Express


2010's Saddle Ridge Ranch


2011's Big Apple Adventure


2012's Amazing Wonders Aviation

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday. . .VBS Logos! ! !

  1. Yay! I love all of the “through the years” VBS stuff. We just had Jeff Slaughter in town with us last weekend. We had a VBS worker appreciate dinner and decorated the tables and social hall with things from each VBS from Good News Stampede to Big Apple Adventure. It was fun! It is a great heritage of Bible teaching!

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  3. Thanks for the run of the logos. The first year we really promoted VBS using the logos was Trail of Treasures in 1993 or 94. I’ve got some people that are big collectors of the stickers.

    Our church has already seen the 2012 logo. It was displayed on our screens after the closing prayer on family night. The 2012 theme song provided the musical accompaniment as people exited the auditorium for the closing picnic. The AWA logo is also being displayed on various handouts I create for the church. Hopefully this will help build excitement for June.

  4. You’re so talented! Thanks for sending these out. Seeing all these old logos put a smile on my face. It makes me think about all the fun we have with VBS, and all the creativity that goes beyond presenting the message.

  5. I’m so glad to see everyone is loving the post! Thanks for the compliments too! I’ll pass them on to the team!

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