Foto Friday. . .Backdrops

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Friday! Today on Foto Friday, I wanted to show you our two Super-size backdrops that we have for Amazing Wonders Aviation (VBS 2012). I’m really excited them. . .especially our Super Duper backdrop! LOL!

What’s a Super Duper backdrop? Well, I’m glad you asked! Earlier this summer, as I was designing the backdrops, I knew that I wanted one of the backdrops to be the inside of a hanger with the beautiful aircrafts inside and outside the hanger. Can you tell I love aircraft! :D

But what about the 2nd backdrop. . .what do I do? We really wanted to highlight the “Wonders” but we only have 3 panels. One of our fellow graphic designers, Pam, worked up a 6 panel spread for the Wonders in one of her marketing pieces. It was perfect! But I only had 3 panels!

Have you all seen the Old El Paso taco commercial for the Stand & Stuff tacos? The people are struggling with their tacos not standing up and falling over. . .what to do, what to do?. . .and a little kid says, “What if it had a flat bottom?”.

The backdrop is 3 panels and the perfect art for the 6 wonders is 6 panel. . .what to do, what to do?

Let’s make a Super DUPER backdrop with 6 panels instead of 3! Perfect!

What’s nice about this is that each panel can be used separate or it can make a great big. . .Oops, I mean. . .Super Duper (18 feet wide by 6 feet tall) backdrop! woohoo!


Oh, and I do need to show you the hanger background (9 feet wide by 6 feet tall). . .Shelia happens to be hula-hooping in the hanger! LOL!

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday. . .Backdrops

  1. I absolutely love the backdrops from year to year……but you have really outdone yourself this year. As a school teacher, I know the summer before the next fall what my beginning unit for my gifted students will be based on Lifeway’s VBS themes. I also spend part of my summer time volunteering in VBS at different churches in my area. Most of the larger churches share their materials with the smaller churches…..but I always put in my desire to have anything at the end and the churches are so gracious to accomodate me. THANK you for sharing your talent in this SUPER DUPER BACKDROP. Both are beautiful!!! Anne Land

  2. Just a suggestion for the panels. Having a band of plastic (ie tape or whatever) would help keep them from ripping. Last year ours fell off the wall and ripped most of the way through the picture.

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