Jill Goldner, Writer

Yesterday we received very sad news that one of our dear friends had passed away. Jill Goldner’s battle with cancer is over. Jill was a witty, fun, creative, full-of-life friend. She was a gifted writer who willing gave her talents to the Lord and in doing so impacted countless young lives for the Kingdom.

Jill was a great storyteller. She often turned her own mishaps into such lively descriptions, told with such an abundance of humor, that we would have tears rolling and sides hurting from laughter.

She was a great brainstorm buddy. She was quick to offer ideas without any care about who got the credit because she loved the process of creativity.

Jill’s strong faith in God was evident in the way she lived. Writing was one of her passions and one she used to serve her Lord.

Jill has written for so many children’s curriculums, VBS among them. Only Heaven knows, and now maybe Jill does too, how many hundreds of thousands of kids have been impacted by the activities she created, the stories she wrote, or the guidance she provided for a teacher.

Jill, you have truly left a legacy. We’ll miss you at VBS writers’ conference. And on a personal note, I miss you bunches my friend.

Jill Goldner
(June 7, 1961 – September 11, 2011)

3 thoughts on “Jill Goldner, Writer

  1. All of you who use Worship Kidstyle in your children’s ministry, Jill wrote all of the lessons for September 2011. Even the day of her death, she was reaching children. She has ‘outlived her life.’

  2. Getting ready to use your material to teach 4th grade VBS, Jill. I was so impressed by the lesson plans and activities, and checked to see who wrote them. You will be blessing the lives of many children and their teachers through these lessons. You are missed.

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