Foto Friday. . .What am I working on?

Wow! It’s been busy here lately! I have several due dates coming up and I’m trying to work as busy as a bee. . .on coffee! w00t!

This week, I wanted to show you all some of the pages I designed from the VBX Daily Flight Log. This is the student piece for kids who have finished grades 5-6. I LOVE working on VBX! It’s a lot of fun! Design intensive though!

Oh! By the way, Carol, my editor, has not finished editing these pages, so if you see a typo or something that doesn’t sound right, don’t worry, they’ll get fixed! (Wow! That’s a lot of commas in that sentence!)

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday. . .What am I working on?

  1. Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun to work on. My father was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy and my brother is an aircraft mechanic with FedEx. So naturally, I have a special love for aviation and I wanted to convey that to the kids! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I like the VBX pages. I’m assuming they’re not all from the first day’s activities. Are there other Bible stories from the old testament? I actually like it when we have a mix of old and new! Since the first Bible story is from Joshua, will the VBS Bible have old and new testament?

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