CentriKid Live Tonight … with Jeff Slaughter!

Just a quick reminder! Tonight’s the BIG night for CentriKid Live!

Come join us!


Tonight at 6:30PM EST | Tomorrow at 7:30PM EST


And you can read my other blog post about it here. And don’t miss Debbie Ruth’s post from earlier today on Connecting Faith and Life.

3 thoughts on “CentriKid Live Tonight … with Jeff Slaughter!

  1. I believe Jeff is on the right track with our future children. He started with the rock music. It has been a huge hit. Churches love it, kids love it…It’s going over well. Now that churches have accepted the first step, we’ll be waiting on him to make his next move toward total worldliness in churches around our country. Keep me posted with his progress.
    We’re all waiting on when he’ll help get “Christian beer” legalized in the church.

    Sad to say. The Southern Baptist Church is the easiest church to belong to. They will accept virtually anything to get a crowd in “God’s” name.
    It’s sickening and there needs to be a stop put to it.

    It’s time for Godly men and women around our country to put an end to allowing the world and it’s alluring lifestyle to take over the sacredness in God’s house. Too many adolescent boys are seeing way too many young ladies shake all they’ve got during what should be a holy time of learning the Bible together. Let’s put a stop it.
    Remember, years ago after Elvis Presley preformed onstage of the Ed Sullivan show. Ed stated, “Never again!”
    Church, it’s time to take a stand.

  2. I noticed in one of the songs that the lyrics said, “I love you more than a rock star.” To me that was a bit offensive. I’m kind of like the lady above who said we need to take a stand more.
    I’m a younger woman (35), but I have noticed a shift in the past 20 years in our churches. They really are leaning moretoward the world and there is less holiness left. I heard one lady put it, “Anything goes in church anymore.”‘
    Yes, it is sad. Thanks for posting this.
    I don’t know if the Lifeway staff has taken time to realize what they may be doing or where they are headed with the future. I hope their future plans for VBS will be more considerate of others who believe the church needs to be seperate from the world.

  3. A pastor made the statement today in church:
    “I don’t like this form of music. (Referring to the Slaughter music by Lifeway.)
    When I entered the sanctuary last week during VBS, I heard Hip-Hop.
    I don’t like it…But…
    Well, I guess if I need to learn Hip-Hop to reach children, then I will. If I need to learn to dance, then I will. As long as we are reaching them for Jesus, that is all that matters.”
    More compromise. That’s good. That’s exactly what we need from our church leaders.
    And you wonder what’s wrong with America.
    Keep it up, churches…The apostasy is growing stronger daily.
    I guess it will soon be okay to drink at the local “Christian” bars, do “Christian” drugs, have “Christian” affairs…After all, we’re just trying to reach the lost while doing this.

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