Foto Friday. . .Snacks 2012!

Hi everybody! I hope everyone has had a great week so far! Guess what I did yesterday at work? NO, not sleep! lol!

I did a photo shoot. . .a snack photo shoot! What’s a snack photo shoot? Well, I’m  glad you asked! Carol and I work on the Snack Rotation Recipe Cards and every year, Carol (with the help of some of our other team members) makes ALL the snacks and then I photograph them!

It’s a fun day! After we finish taking the photos, we get to EAT the “models”! (Our department loves this day too!).

Here’s some photos from the day!

What does VBS always need? Trail Mix! ! !

Trail Mix!

Frosty Matterhorn Peaks! ! !

It’s a school of Colorful Goldfish! ! !

Our great Assistant. . .James!

A Mini Paricutin Volcano! ! !

Carol did NOT want me to take her picture! ! !

Surprise Melita! I'm taking your photo! ! !

I don't remember what these are called but they look good!

That's me posing in the background!

4 thoughts on “Foto Friday. . .Snacks 2012!

  1. I just wanted to leave a quit comment, I was the director of VBS at Hillcrest Baptist Church, Muscatine, IA this past week and we used Lifeway’s Club VBS Beach Blast. The kids LOVED it!!! I’ve had soooo many comments that this was the best year ever! kids loved the snacks, rec, & crafts!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2. When will we be able to see something on the website for the Club VBS 2012 curriculum, etc.

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