VBS By the Numbers

We wanted to share some of our favorite VBS “numbers” with you.

4–  The number of Diet Mt. Dews it takes to get through a week of editing Preteen Bible Study materials.

5(and counting)–  The number of computers, cell phones, keyboards and other electronic devices Rhonda has gone through since joining the VBS team.

101–  The number of times a day Keith checks to see how many blog views his post are beating my post by.

2– The number of years we usually work ahead on a VBS theme. (We never put the right year on our checks. ha ha)

55– The number of times Gordon has assigned another team member to write a blog post.

All kidding aside, the work God does through VBS is amazing! Check out these stats we just received from last year’s VBS reports.

24,445– The number of churches who reported their VBS.

2,757,976- The total number of enrollment reported.

82,371- Professions of Faith

2,647- Decisions for Vocation Ministry

243,602- The number of prospects discovered.

So as you can see VBS can have a huge impact for your church and for the Kingdom. What are some of your favorite VBS numbers?

3 thoughts on “VBS By the Numbers

  1. 16 – number of salvations at VBS last year at my church

    9 – number of years I have done music for VBS

    5 – number of times I have met Jeff Slaughter and gotten his autograph

    100+ – number of times I have wished I could do VBS all year!!

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