Recording Sessions . . . and Cinnamon Rolls!

Recently we were in the studio recording the music for VBS 2012. I love the experience of seeing a song go from an idea, to lyrics and melody on paper, to a full-blown production. And then to see kids performing the songs and the musical. . . . Well, it can be a very emotional thing! Many times, I’ve been one of the weepy ones in the audience at our VBS Institutes and VBS Previews as I watch kids perform these songs, singing their hearts out!

We worked with a different production team this year.  We were in a new studio with new surroundings and different processes. This production team of Spencer and Preston first worked with Jeff Slaughter, the composer of the VBS 2012 music, on the arrangements of the songs. Then, some of the instrumentation was recorded before bringing in voices. On the nights I was there, we had two young ladies in the sound booth.  (Other voices were recorded at different times.)

After the voices are recorded, then the producers work many hours to put all the pieces together, adding just the right level of this and not too much of that. Know what I mean? Take a listen to the theme song\”Amazing Wonders Aviation\”. Oh, and you’re going to love the “pretty song,” as I like to call it—“Worthy.” I hope you enjoy the music of Amazing Wonders Aviation™!

BTW, we did have some celebratory cinnamon rolls once the final song was recorded! Yummmmy!

24 thoughts on “Recording Sessions . . . and Cinnamon Rolls!

  1. The music is awesome and the cinnamon rolls look amazing. Wish you would have shared!

  2. Will there be some more rap songs and contempary music? I run the powerpoint/projector at my church and that is one thing I know that the kids love is the rap music this year. They do the moves and plus it is more contempory so I hope 2012 will be the same way. Thanks.

  3. You guys have the coolest jobs EVER! Just sayin….

    Anyhow, I would like to suggest that LifeWay put out a compilation CD of all of the “pretty” songs from the last 15 years of VBS. I know a theme song one was made. Can we get the ballads that way? Please…???

  4. I’m so glad your kids love the rap music in Big Apple Adventure! We heard from lots of people who said the same thing. It was the right fit for that particular theme. There’s no rap music in Amazing Wonders Aviation™, but I believe you’ll find that the kids will enjoy this music as well. Especially the ABC song, “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.” Let us know!

  5. Hey, Susan. I think a CD of the “pretty” songs would be great as well! Other people have made that same request. Maybe we’ll do that one of these days!

  6. I was just noticing hte posts up above about the rap music in Big Apple Adventure. I just wanted to mention that our minister was not pleased with the rap music. I’m very glad to hear that there’s not any planned for next year. I’m afraid that they would have made us switch material and I LOVE the lifeway material

  7. I agree about the rap. We didn’t use them with Big Apple Adventure and I am so pleased to hear there won’t be any for next year. Jeff does an awesome job and we really enjoy the rest of his songs.

  8. I guess people/churches have to do what they are comfortable with concerning using different types of music … but, I always feel that Jeff is so on track stylistically with his music choices. The themes and the tunes purposefully mesh. Not using a rap style piece for Big Apple would be like ignoring the ukelele when he did Outrigger Island (Wiki wiki!).

    As long as the content of the lyric is pure, I will rap, hiphop, hoedown, ragtime, hula, even opera if necessary … to get the Word out to those kids. I think Jeff is truly used by God in this ministry. :O) :O) Had to hear it!

  9. Where can we hear some of the music for 2012? I’ve heard the theme song but would love to hear at least snippets of the other pieces.
    The Big Apple Music was a hit with our kids (they were also asking to re-visit the Saddle Ridge Ranch music!).
    So glad to hear that Jeff did the 2012 music too—I agree with the other comments about him being right on with the theme each time. I love that the songs are full of scripture and truth.

  10. As the VBS music leader at a Southern Baptist in a small town, I was a little nervous about performing the “Why Don’t You” number. but the kids loved it and I have not heard negative comments from the parents (yet). About two dozen children talked to our pastor about accepting Christ during the week. It succeeded in speaking to the kids hearts tis year. mission accomplished . I agree with S. Ester!

    What we would suggest for next year. If Lifeway could record just background musicw/ Lyrics s/ no singing; The children seem to focus more on movements than singing since the CD sings it out for them! This would be terrific to have this option with the CD’s.

  11. Hey Mary…. there is a split-track option available on both the Music Rotation and Musical CD AND the Worship Rally CD Set… it won’t help you for this year, obviously, but for next year look for that if you just want the instrumental with no voices. :O)

  12. Hey, B Smith. I’m trying to find out when the other VBS 2012 songs will be available to hear. Will let you know!

  13. Jeff needs to tone down the dancing and the choreographing…..this is CHURCH, people, not “So You Think You Can Dance”! It gets more worldly every year. Go back to sign language and cut out the choreography.

    We are to be in the world, but not of it. This stuff is “of the world”.

    I’m not even showing the videos this year. Just because kids like it doesn’t mean it’s of God….kids have no discernment! And apparently neither do many Southern Baptist adults at this point in time.

    There are many of us that feel this way, so are you listening, Lifeway? Next year we may not use Lifeway.

  14. Susie, Look at it this way, there is nothing wrong with dancing, David danced for joy, alot of other characters in the bible did as well. Also, they use these songs as a hook for fishing. How do we go about getting fish or others for the kingdom of God? We have to use the right bait. These songs are contempory enough to get kids hooked and then once we hook them, we can present to them the gospel of Christ. Just because dancing and rap music are not apart of your culture does not mean they are not apart of someone else’s culture. God has given us the tools and wisdom to reach others where they are. The dance moves in the VBS cirriculumn were not dirty in any way whatsoever. The only way it is dirty and can represent sexual immorality is when you start to rub up against someone or do something sexual. I have not seen lifeway do that. So your coment on the dancing is very judgemental. I know dancing is hard to get around for some people but what if it is sign language to a deaf man? What if some of these moves do portray the glory and edification of Christ? You may not even know that some of these moves may protray a message that leads someone to the Lord. You just can;t be in every church all the time. Some churches may have had people respond to the Lord by watching and listening to these songs. You just can’t assume dancing don’t work in reaching others. You can’t claim that dancing does not lead others to Christ. You just can’t. Just because you don’t see the message in the moves does not mean others wont. I know it is hard for this generation to see that the new kinds of music comming out is not like the old, but it is a hook to get people to think and come to the Lord. Rap music is another issue for many elders in the church I know. but there may be some gangsters or some people in the hood who thats all they listen to is rap. Well how do we reach them? We don’t throw in some hyms or something they are unacustumed to but we throw in some raps and hip hop songs with a spiritual message and those rap songs can in turn be used by God to speak to those people who listen to it.

  15. I don’t think, when David danced before the Lord, that he choreographed and patterned his dancing after what the heathen were doing….it was most likely just a spontaneous “jumping for joy”, i.e. leaping, whilrling, etc., like Jesus did when he “rejoiced in Spirit” (Luke 10:21….look in your Strong’s Concordance at the meaning of the word “rejoiced” in that verse) I have no problem with “dancing before the Lord” when it is Spirit-led, though rarely have I seen it when it actually was (spent many years in the charismatic churches). When it IS Spirit led, I don’t believe there will be any booty shaking, moon walking, or body writhing going on.

    The dancing that Jeff is doing is patterned after the world. When these kids grow up, they are going to be of the mindset that choreographing worship services with dances like they see on MTV is ok. It’s not. Jeff and the kids on the videos are shaking their booties, doing Michael Jackson moves, and the one little African-American girl gets very sensual (especially considering her skin-tight attire) with some of her moves, especially on “Love You More”. Last year he had them doing country honkytonk dancing!

    The music and lyrics are great. The motions and sign language are fine, also. The dancing is just too over the top, and getting worse every year.

    Just because something is being done in the name of Jesus and getting results does not necessarily mean that everything about it is right. The New Testament tells of people preaching the gospel out of selfish ambition in order to add to Paul’s suffering…..he rejoiced that the gospel was being preached and that people were being saved, but what they were doing was still wrong and had lasting consequences. The lasting consequence of this worldliness in the Lifeway VBS music will be an increase in the worldliness of the Southern Baptist church, as if there isn’t already enough of that.

    I’m sure Jeff is doing this out of a sincere desire to serve God and is to be commended for his songwriting talent, but he needs to step back and spend some time in prayer about the dancing.

  16. Oh, okay! I agree. Good discusion. This discusion is good though. Thanks for you input. I didn’t mean to put anyone down or anything. So if i offended you I am sorry and appoligize. However, this is a good discussion and thanks agian. God bless. i do agree with your statement “When it IS Spirit led, I don’t believe there will be any booty shaking, moon walking, or body writhing going on.” Thank you again.

  17. Okay, I am glad I didn’t. I think it is good to understand each persons misconceptions and etc. So thank you for your information. It helps us as we all walk with Christ when we come discuss things that are important in today’s society and affect our everyday actions. When we answer questions like why we believe what we do and then we open up God’s word and see what He wants us to do and that is when we find our answer. Thanks again. God bless you Susie and Hope you continue to do God’s work in him.

  18. I want to point out that the kids already tend to shake their booties a little too much, even without the videos (we’re having VBS this week, and I’m not showing the videos). If I were to show the videos, it would just be a booty-shakin’ dance fest, with the kids not even listening to the words of the songs!

    I hope someone at Lifeway will show these comments to Jeff so he can pray about the dancing.

  19. I hope no one shows these comments to Jeff – He doesn’t need our critique of His work any more than I want someone I don’t know who doesn’t do what I do to critique my job as VBS director.
    Phil 2:14
    Eph. 4:29
    We are to encourage our brothers and sisters – love them – build them up – help the weaker – stand by them – not tear them down for the world to see – if you have a problem with something do it one on one.

  20. I see you have a problem with pride. If you want to look up Bible verses, find the ones that talk about having a humble spirit and being willing to take correction. We all have to be able to do that, no matter how “important” our position.

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