15 thoughts on “VBS 2012 Theme Reveal Video Now Available

  1. We aren’t having VBS until June 26 at Southside in Griffin, but I can’t wait until next year. This is very EXCITING!

  2. We’re just gearing up for our Big Apple Adventure, but I can’t help being excited already for next year. I’m already thinking decorations . . .it looks like fun!

  3. Our VBS is this week and I am looking forward to announcing next years theme at our Family Night on Friday. EEEEE!!!! Loving the 1930’s theme at the start…I can REALLY get into deco for that!

  4. We had our VBS on June 6-10. I was disappointed that we were cut one day due to the way it was scheduled. This was my 8th year teaching music during my Church’s VBS. I began back in 2004 with the Far Out Far East Rickshaw Rally. We totally enjoyed Big Apple Adventure. I loved the music.To me there is nothing better than seeing young people sing their praises to the Lord and it has been my great honor to be able to spread the gospel to them through the songs that Jeff Slaughter puts out each year. He is an amazing person and you can tell he is really on fire for the Lord. The music really drives home the studies for the week and I really wish there was curriculum like that all year round. When I am not teaching music during VBS the remainder of my year is spent teaching the 4th-6th grade class at church. Can’t wait till next year. Keep up the GREAT work Lifeway and Jeff Slaughter… GOD BLESS.

  5. We had VBS June 20-24 with Big Apple Adventure . . .this was amazing!!!
    I have been leading VBS music for the last . . .well, I’ve lost count, and to me, Jeff Slaughter does an amazing job with the music. The way the topic, scripture and daily message is woven into each song!!! Amazing!!! I encouraged the pre-school and Kinder kids to learn the theme song to Big Apple Adventure and they not only loved it but learned all the words. These young kids sang along with the older kids in the following Sunday morning worship service. What an incredible blessing!!!
    Thanks again and please keep plugging away in Jesus!!! :)

  6. We just finished VBS at our church and I loved the music for Big Apple. The greatest part about it was the fact that it was the kind of music kids listen to these days and our kids loved the rap. As a pastor it was awesome to see how all of the kids knew John 3:16 by the end of the week. After watching the video for next year, I am disappointed. The music seems like a step back. It is too subdued and seems too churchy. Plus the motions are kind of silly and not in a good way. The theme is a bit too wordy. I am sure I will get into it eventually just not as cool as this years by a long shot.

  7. Okay…it’s time I eat crow. I was very reluctant to be a part of the 2011 VBS “The Big Apple”. I was out-voted, so we did “TBA”. I have to now say that it was NOT giving New York City a “starring” role and nothing was forced us to believe NYC is a place I want to visit. TY to all who had a part in putting the VBS together! Jeff…I don’t know how he does it, but he, once again, did a fantastic job!
    We began something 4 years ago to help with giving more time to the classes. Right after the opening ceremony, we have music in the auditorium where everyone is, except the p-k’s, and I only have to do one LARGE class. I had kids helping with the songs, actions, etc. The kids go out singing, usually the theme song. I can’t wait unitl we fly away around the world!

  8. For the last 3 years my husband and I have traveled from NC to TX to bring our granddaughters to VBS. There is not enough room here to relate all that God has done in our little church during VBS. Our oldest granddaughter is now 8 years old. She loves the music and asks for CD’s of the songs to take home. Last year our second oldest granddaughter who turned 4 two weeks after VBS sang a little song her teacher taught her all the way home–1500 miles in a car.
    While the children are in their class, I teach a group of adults in another building. At the end of VBS our adult class sings a song we have adapted from the lessons. We usually wear hats. Last year we wore glittered top hats with sequined bow ties!! What fun!!

  9. Vbs 2011 was amazing. We just rounded up yesterday being sunday. The kids never wanted it to come to an end. I have been teaching in vbs for about three years now and this year was my most exciting because in my class, eight kids of age 7-8 gave their lives to christ. It was awesome! I can’t wait for next year’s vbs. I can’t wait to be more amazed. God bless you all for your goodworks.

  10. Es maravilloso este material que Dios les bendiga por mostrar de esta manera el Reino de Dios a los NiƱos

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