Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Who’s up for grabbing a giant burrito with me? I certainly don’t need an excuse to go get Mexican food (I could eat it every day) and I also don’t need an excuse to talk about VBS… en Español!

OK, I don’t really speak Spanish… but I still love Spanish VBS! And even though I’m not part of a Hispanic or bilingual congregation, LifeWay’s Spanish VBS is perfect for mission trips when I need to be able to prepare from materials in English and teach with materials in Spanish. So in honor of this 5th day of May, let me share with you 5 things you need to know about Spanish VBS.

  1. VBS translates as EVB in Spanish, which stands for Escuela Bíblica de Vacaciones. Don’t worry, it means the same thing. So if you want to go on a Big Apple Adventure this summer in Spanish, it’ll be called Aventura en la Gran Manzana. (Doesn’t that just sound cool?!)

  1. The materials are broadly-graded for preschoolers (with birth-2s and 3s-kindergarten plans in the same guide) and children (1st-6th grade). The Spanish leader guides combine the absolute best from each of the English age group leader guides PLUS each of the rotations into one preschool and one children’s leader guide for teachers. One leader pack is available for birth-6th grade and comes jam-packed with the best games, posters, and teacher helps from the English sets.
  1. The learner cards (Kid’s Activity Pak and Bible Study Cards) and witnessing track (ABC Memory Card) are exactly the same as the English versions. This makes it easy to help Spanish-speaking children and adults connect with the truth about Jesus from the Bible.
  1. Administrative resources are also available in Spanish. There’s even a special Sampler just for Spanish VBS.
  1. All of VBS daily songs PLUS the theme song AND “Yes to VBS” are available in Spanish! There’s even a special choreography DVD to make learning the motions easy. Wanna hear what your favorite VBS song sounds like in Spanish? Check it out here!

One thought on “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Love that we have the curriculum in Spanish!! We have just added a Spanish service recently. My one hope is that maybe next year we can have the promo videos in Spanish too :)

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