Those Unsung Heroes…

They work hard. They serve faithfully. They assist in multiple VBS’s and go on mission trips. It’s a roller coaster summer. Inflated one day. Deflated the next. On a bad day they are more holey than righteous. But, on a good day, they are hugged by every kid in VBS. Yes, I’m talking about those unsung heroes, the VBS inflatables! What happens to them after the crafts go home, the music fades, and the decorations are passed along or packed away? Well, I’m pleased to report that a few fortunate ones are adopted by folks who care. My family is happy to be part of “VBS Inflatable Rescue” providing a home for some of those inflatables who have served faithfully but have nowhere else to go.

They joined us for our family reunion!!

The pony was especially fond of swimming pool leapfrog.

These faithful animals even walk on water!

They’re not forgotten in the winter either! Can you name this inflatable?

Not sure she managed to stay on for eight seconds.   I wonder if sledding ponies might be a new rodeo event?

Some of our pony's relatives at their new retirement home.

We’re already looking forward to adopting a VBS Taxicab Inflatable and a Giant Statue of Liberty Inflatable.

Our inflatables like to keep up with their families! Do you have stories or pictures of other inflatables who are still alive and well? Please share!

9 thoughts on “Those Unsung Heroes…

  1. Rhonda, I had to laugh out loud! Wonderful picture of Miss B! Thank you for the humor this morning!!

  2. Love, love, love it!!! I’m wishing I had save all of ours now:))) Thanks for that little blessing this afternoon as I am neck deep in teacher recruitment!

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  4. My bedroom was a beach theme and I hung the Outrigger Island little turtle off the wall! I loved him!

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  8. hi i was just wondering if you had any saddle ridge ranch inflatable horses. i have being serching for then for a year now so is you have any left i will take 1 theaks by

  9. hi its me ,
    if you have any leftover saddle ridge ranch inflatable horses please contat me i relly want one

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