Foto Friday. . .NYC Photoshoot

Hey everyone! Sorry, I just had to use this photo! lol!

This week, I wanted to show a few photos from our New York City photoshoot that Pam, Becky, Gordon, and I were able to go on. We had a lot to do and very little time to do it in. Pam, Gordon, and I were directing the photographer. . .Pam more than Gordon and me, since her shots involved models. Gordon and I took cameras to shoot when we were not directing. . .we had a long list of things we needed to shoot. Becky and her sister, Susan (when she could join us) were our NYC guides!

When I say we had a lot to shoot, we had a lot! Our first day, we covered a lot of ground! We started in Times Square, then headed to Central Park (got caught in a downpour!), then hit the Central Park Zoo, and finally ended at Yankee Stadium (they actually were playing that night but we were unable to go!) :(

Our next day, we started off at the Statue of Liberty. We could only have about 10 people in our group. . .it had something to do with our shooting permit on the island. Well, we had 11! So, I took off from the group and was just a normal tourist, taking photos of Lady Liberty. While the group was off getting shots, I headed back to Battery Park to photograph the many statues/memorials for my VBX leader pack and then decided to hop the subway to Ground Zero (I had never been there before). That was an experience! I’m glad I was able to do that!

Keith's walk around Ground Zero

After the group returned, we headed to Brooklyn. . .the DUMBO area. Does anyone know what DUMBO stands for? Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass!

The whole trip was an exciting experience! We got to see a lot of NYC in a short amount of time. Enjoy the photos!

I’m not sure what Gordon, Becky and Susan did but they look like they’ve been put in time-out! lol!

Pam, Becky, the photographer and assistants at Times Square

Pam putting up with Gordon and Keith. . .not sure Becky approves!

Becky, Keith, Pam, and Gordon (lol!)

Two of our models pretending to call a cab

Pam taking a break with Lady Liberty in the background

Keith getting the shot!

Becky and Pam after a long day. Who does Becky remind you of?

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