5 Ways To Promote Your VBS

Spring is right around the corner! Families are going to start making their summer plans soon. That means it’s time to start promoting your VBS event! Here are five great ways to get the word out:

  1. Use social media. Post your VBS dates and times on Facebook. Tweet them out to the world. Utilize your church’s social media pages as well as your personal accounts. Create a VBS page on your church’s Web site or blog with all the details and link to this page in your posts. You can download VBS art from lifeway.com/vbs and you can also use our promotional copy.
  2. Post VBS 2011 Window Signs and Promotional Posters in strategic area locations. Are there businesses near the neighborhoods you want to reach? Ask them if you can post a sign in their store window, or leave printed flyers at the check out for customers to take. Many stores have a bulletin area for posting community events. Area day care centers and schools are also great places to post window signs with your VBS information.
  3. The Kids Promo Video was created just to help you build excitement about VBS in your church. Show it before, after, or during a special VBS announcement time in your services. Have a special area where parents can sign up their kids for VBS. You can also link to the video from your church’s Web site or blog.
  4. As your VBS dates get closer, church members can canvass their neighborhoods with VBS 2011 Doorknob Hangers or Invitation Postcards.
  5. Make a personal connection. Nothing beats a personal visit or phone call invitation to your VBS event. Encourage kids and parents to personally invite others to join them at your Vacation Bible School adventure.

One thought on “5 Ways To Promote Your VBS

  1. Dear Beth Moore,our ladies group is doing the David study.It has come to me how much our young ones need more in depth understanding of God’s word.Their focus is so much on violent games and they are bored with short stories of the heroes of faith.This study on David is so rich,might you consider doing a series with DVD for 9,10,11 year olds? In these days I feel like Abiathar and stand shoulder to shoulder with you my sister and mighty woman of God. Sincerely,Mary Jo Johnson

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