14 tips on managing curriculum supplies

  1. Always order extra – It’s not fun to run out of student books. Leftovers can be returned. (Note that returns have to be postmarked by August 1 in order to receive credit and that items must be in saleable condition.)
  2. Make it, or bring it. You’d be surprised what church members can make or have stored in their attics.
  3. Curriculum is shared with several churches in Association. I keep a calendar and each teacher puts each day’s supplies in a gift bag that’s labeled and then passed on.
  4. Coordinate with other churches to get supplies.
  5. Order through Baptist Association.
  6. Donate left over incomplete kits to send to foreign missions.
  7. Give used supplies and décor to a local congregation to use on a mission trip.
  8. We have different individuals review the curriculum for the teachers. This helps to streamline all the information. They also purchase all the supplies needed for the teachers.
  9. Give specific deadline for supply lists to be turned in.
  10. Have church members “sponsor” the cost of a child to attend VBS.
  11. Get supplies from other churches after their VBS is over.
  12. VBS of 230 or less – buy supplies and crafts as directors so you control your budget. Pull from all churches in area and share..
  13. All leftover supplies go to a sister church with a small budget.
  14. Publish a list for needed items in a newsletter and ask for donations.

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