36 VBS traffic control tips!

  1. Have the local police department supply off-duty policemen with arm bands.
  2. Have parents join the children for Worship Rally at the end. Parents are already in the building when time to go home.
  3. Enlist some men or older youth to be parking attendants.
  4. To smoothly move rotations, schedule the time down to specific, not general, times (i.e. – at 6:41 p.m., 1st grade goes to music, at 6:42 p.m. 2nd grade goes to recreation, etc.)
  5. Use separate entrances for preschool, children and VBX.
  6. Be sure to schedule rotation rooms close together to eliminate long walks.
  7. Place a person with a walkie-talkie at each street entrance.
  8. Offset schedules so preschool, children and preteens are not all in the hallways at the same time.
  9. Appoint guides to accompany kids to ever rotation. Provide special signs for them to hold for their group.
  10. Have senior adults help open doors and greet children and parents.
  11. Ask the youth and college/career members to serve as escorts and help kids rotate.
  12. Use the local fire department to park cars. They bring their trucks for the kids to explore and they pass out fire safety materials, fire hats and stickers.
  13. Use ropes for preschoolers to travel through hallways.
  14. Designate a drop-off and pick-up area for parents in cars.
  15. Allow transition time in schedules.
  16. Designate traffic flow one-way in and one way out. Create traffic patterns in hallways that don’t collide.
  17. Mark hallway floors with lines. Yellow down the middle, green arrows on one side and red arrows down the other.
  18. If going upstairs, use one set of stairs. If coming downstairs, use another set of stairs.
  19. Rotate each age division within their own areas.
  20. When rotating preschoolers, have them act out an animal (hop like a kangaroo, etc.) to get from place to place.
  21. For dismissal, have the children that ride buses dismissed to the sanctuary before children that came with parents. They are given a colored bracelet that represent their bus.
  22. Have an older couple manage the schedule by ringing a bell to change rotations.
  23. If parents are going to pick-up children from their classrooms, provide the parents with a map of the facility.
  24. Signs, signs, signs. You can never use too many signs for information or directions.
  25. Dismiss from Worship Rally in groups.
  26. Organize the different areas in a circular route, so that the groups don’t meet in the hallways.
  27. Use local parking lots with additional parking spaces for buses.
  28. As children arrive and register, they are assigned a color based on age. They line up behind same color traffic cones and take refreshments by that color
  29. Rotate clockwise through hallways.
  30. If possible, use rooms with two doors. Enter through one door and exit the other.
  31. If using a carpooling line for pick-up, provide parents with color coded placards with the child’s name. Have the parent place the placard on the dashboard of the car as they arrive for pick-up.
  32. Use a crossing guard.
  33. Use road signs (i.e.- one way, do not enter, etc.) in the hallways.
  34. Use an air horn to signify rotation times.
  35. Offer parents a cool drink while waiting to pick up their children.
  36. Ask the deacons to direct the parking.

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