The buzz at LifeWay today . . .

is that there is a real kangaroo in our lobby!!! The nice folks from Kentucky Down Under brought an 8 month old kangaroo and a kookaburra to be a part of our VBS Preview Events! Check out some pics on Kangaroo Keith’s facebook page. I’ll try to add some pics to the blog tomorrow!!!

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Who am I? An employee of LifeWay Christian Resources Things I love: my family, the LSU Tigers, baking, marketing, vacation bible school, kids ministry, my church, missions, orphans in Moldova, creativity, tivo.

2 thoughts on “The buzz at LifeWay today . . .

  1. Hey – we had folks from our local association signed up for the VBS preview last week. Due to the ice storm that hit, they could not make it. They are hoping there may be a chance at one additional preview event in Nashville – is there any talk of scheduling another event?

  2. Hey Tara – There’s not another preview event scheduled. I’m so sorry you guys weren’t able to come. Because we have so many faculty from out of town it would be impossible to do another event at this time.

    I did try to take a lot of pictures at the event for our LifeWay VBS facebook page. I know that’s not the same thing as being here, but at least it will give you a glimpse.

    Again, I’m so sorry you guys couldn’t make it and I hope that you don’t have a lot of damage from the storm.

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