Jeff’s Testimony take 2

We found a better video of Jeff Slaughter sharing his testimony about this year’s ABC song for Boomerang Express. He shared this story at each VBS Preview, and it made such an impact every time.

Visit our LifeWay Digital Media blog to see a full interview with Jeff about the Because song and video.

To see the Because music video click here.

One thought on “Jeff’s Testimony take 2

  1. Enjoyed the testimony. Jeff is anointed by the Lord. Every time I get the opportunity to see him, I see the amazing love of Christ. His personal relationship with the Lord is so evident.
    God allowed me to go to Israel, as well, last year and I experienced a blessing from the Lord, to see the scrolls.
    I got baptized in the Jordan River, went to the Garden Tomb, walked on the shores and was in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Bethlehem, so much to take in, in so little time. I will never be the same.
    As a VBS Director this year, I can share my experiences in Israel with others. Jesus is so sweet-He planned that-“Because”

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