Spanish VBS Choreography!

Did you know we provide a choreography DVD for our Spanish customers? We began producing a Spanish choreography video for VBS 2010: Saddle Ridge Ranch. I’m so thankful to Angel Ortiz and Elizabeth Works, fellow LifeWay employees, who always are on set to interpret! Otherwise, I would have no idea what’s being said! It gets comical at times.

Constanza, our terrific on-camera host, listens to the English music and watches the choreography DVD. Then, she learns the Spanish songs and alters the choreography as needed. (Sometimes, there is no Spanish word that exactly matches the English word, so the songs and choreography have to be altered.)

The DVD is available in the Spanish Sampler (EBV 2013 Muestrario en español), product number 005490073, $69.99. Be sure to share this news with your Spanish congregations!

Colossal Coaster World Choreography in Espanol! from LifeWay VBS on Vimeo.

Foto Friday: Sneak Peek!

In just a few weeks, we’ll be releasing the Colossal Coaster World overview video.  I can’t wait for you guys to see and hear all the details about VBS 2103.  And I’m most excited about showing you how to turn YOUR church into Colossal Coaster World!

I snapped a picture of a few weeks ago while we were shooting, and I’ve been saving it to show you!  But because I don’t want to reveal EVERYTHING juuuust yet, I’ve cut out a couple of pieces to get your wheels turning.  Getting any ideas yet?

VBS 2013 on Pinterest!

It’s never too early to start planning, right? If you’re itching to get a jump on VBS 2013, check out our Colossal Coaster World board on the LifeWay Kids Pinterest site. There are already lots of great ideas. Here are some of my favorites…

What a cute hot dog cart! I wish I’d had this for Big Apple Advenure!Source: via LifeWayKids on Pinterest

This is the same technique we used to create an “Enter” sign for Coaster Alley (Bible study) in our decorations. Fun!

Source: via LifeWayKids on Pinterest

A perfect roller coaster experience for younger preschoolers!

Source: via LifeWayKids on Pinterest

What ideas have you come up with?  If you’re on Pinterest, leave us a link to your VBS 2013 board in the comment section!

On Today’s Agenda . . .

As a member of the VBS Team, I get this question a lot: “You mean you have stuff to do all year?” Yes, yes, and yes! I was at the dentist office recently and the receptionist said to me, “Now that VBS is over, I guess your work has slowed down.” Au contraire, mon ami! We are in the crunch of trying to get 2013 ready and to the printer, and beginning development of 2014, all while churches are wrapping up and evaluating VBS 2012!

I keep a set of index cards, one product per card, and I write on each card what steps have been completed so I can keep up! Here’s my current rundown. . . .

1) Worship Rally DVD

• THE DRAMA: Working with the video editor on a daily basis right now; got approval from my management team on the content and overall appearance just a couple of days ago. Waiting for the editor to make final tweaks and send me an approval copy.

• THE CHOREOGRAPHY: Performance segments have been approved. Viewed the instruction segments over the weekend, and three corrections need to be made. I’m waiting to see those ASAP.

• ABC segment: Video editor #2 is working on that now. It’s due to me any minute for my approval.

• Still waiting to see “Scenic Footage” segment and the “Video Trailer.”

• I’ve created the DVD menu and just sent it to the DVD author.

2) Music Rotation Leader Guide

• Received a final approval copy from the graphic designer. This is being routed through our production editor and editorial project leader first, then will come back to me with any needed corrections marked.

3) Club VBS: Jungle Jaunt DVD

• This is due to me from the DVD author today. If everything looks OK, it will go on to the duplicator.

4) Spanish VBS Choreography DVD

• Talent enlisted. Waiting to receive Spanish recording and typeset music to send to her so she can create the choreography. (It has to be different because many of the words differ from the English versions!)

There are more products on my list, but this is probably more info than you care to read already! I will say, though, that everyone on my team feels fortunate to be able to work on VBS products. So, next time you’re wondering—yes, we have enough to do all year (and we are thankful for that)!

National Roller Coaster Day!

Did you know today is National Roller Coaster Day?!  I’ll never forget buckling myself into Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America– I was TERRIFIED!  Raging Bull is the tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster at Six Flags Great America and is the world’s first hyper-twister coaster.  It was also the first roller coaster I had ever ridden.

We couldn’t be more excited about teaching kids that when they trust God, they can face even their biggest fears.  Colossal Coaster World VBS in 2013 is going to be a wild ride! In honor of this special day, here are our favorite roller coasters of all-time!


  • Name:  Carol
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Pheonix (Click the link for a POV video!)
  • Location: Knoebel’s in PA
  • Fun Fact: It was moved from TX to PA in 1985 and is currently #2 on Amusement Today’s list of top wooden coasters.


  • Name:  Jerry  (The VBS Guy!)
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Shockwave
  • Location:  Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX
  • Fun Fact: Jerry stood in line for hours on opening day to be one of the first to ride!


  • Name:  Lynne
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Space Mountain
  • Location:  Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL
  • Fun Fact:  “I love that it’s completely dark so you don’t know what’s coming next!”


  • Name:  Debbie
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Kiddie Park Roller Coaster
  • Location:  Kiddie Park at Bartlesville, Oklahoma
  • Fun Fact:  “Kiddie Park is so much fun for kids of all ages (even little ones). Most rides cost only a quarter. The best thing about the park is that the last train ride of the night is free! Love it!”


  • Name:  Joyce
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Screaming Delta Demon
  • Location:  Opryland, Nashville, TN (No longer exists)


  • Name:  Gordon
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Loch Ness Monster
  • Location:  Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA
  • Fun Fact:  Double-looping coaster, 13 stories tall, 114-foot drop, speeds as fast as 60 mph.  Smile for the camera after the second loop!


  •  Name:  Melita
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  The Great American Scream Machine
  • Location:  Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta, GA
  • Fun Fact:  “Classic wooden coaster…once the tallest roller coaster in the world… the last car is the best ride because you get whipped and thrown around all over the track”


  • Names:  Candace & Rhonda
  • Favorite Roller Coaster:  Wabash Cannonball
  • Location:  Opryland, Nashville, TN (No longer exists)
  • Fun fact: It was a clone of the Corkscrew roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm.


Tell us about your favorite roller coaster!!