34 tips on VBS snacks

  1. Ask local restaurants for ice.
  2. Write a formal request letter to secure donations for snacks.
  3. Look into becoming a summer lunch program site during VBS.
  4. Provide dinner every evening before VBS for the workers. Have members volunteer to bring dishes.
  5. Serve snacks outside for less clean-up.
  6. Offer a separate hospitality room for adults workers.
  7. Offer a “hang out” room with snacks for youth volunteers.
  8. Offer alternative snacks to children with allergies and/or medical conditions.
  9. Serve general snacks that church members can donate.
  10. Sno-cones are inexpensive and kids love them. Put the ice in a cup, not a cone.
  11. Save the “pretty” snacks for training and/or Family Night.
  12. Provide ice pops. Inexpensive and cold on a hot summer day.
  13. Provide a sign-up supper for the staff every night for VBS.
  14. Have an “adopt a day” for Sunday School classes to provide snacks.
  15. Sometimes local pizza restaurants will provide free or discounted pizza for children on the last day or for teacher’s appreciation.
  16. Find out each worker’s favorite soft drink or beverage and have it for them at snack time each night.
  17. Ask for grocery store gift cards to purchase the snacks we need that are not provided through donations.
  18. Provide a quick dinner for leaders and their children before VBS begins each evening. It helps with the timing.
  19. Make a donation display to request snacks.
  20. Offer a meal for the non-church members who drop off their children and wait for them. Great ministry opportunity for fellowship and Adult VBS.
  21. Conduct a “Pastor Cookie Competition” by listing each Pastor’s favorite cookies. For 3 months, members bring in cookies and during VBS week we count the types of cookies. Whichever Pastor wins the competition, gets a pie in his face at the VBS rally! We have cookies for VBS and children’s event for the entire year.
  22. Advertise in church bulletins for the non-perishables needed for VBS week. Purchase the perishables.
  23. Ask church members to purchase restaurant gift cards.
  24. Get donations from local restaurants.
  25. Serve snacks that you know the kids will eat.
  26. Sponsor a “Snack Sunday” for VBS where members bring in donations.
  27. Purchase in bulk.
  28. Sponsor a “Staff Favorite Snack Contest”. Staff members have a “favorite snack” and the church members bring those items. The winning staffer gets a special prize at family night.
  29. Enrollment records help determine the amount of snacks to purchase.
  30. Use in-season local fruits. Sometimes we get the local farmers to donate.
  31. We have all day camp with VBS and have a kitchen team to help with meals.
  32. Purchase a sno-cone machine. It will pay for itself in the money you save buying other snacks.
  33. Provide daily attendance count to snack team before rotations start.
  34. Buy in bulk and re-bag for each child’s portion.

2 thoughts on “34 tips on VBS snacks

  1. Serve a quick lite dinner 30 minutes before VBS for kids, leaders, volunteers and staff. Parents appreciate it and no snack time needed or add a small snack on the go as they rotate.

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